Short And Long Essay On Birthday Party In English In 200+ Words


Short And Long Essay On Birthday Party In English In 200+ Words

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Essay On Birthday Party In 300+ Words

Birthday means party, dress, cakes, sweets, and gifts, etc. A Birthday Party is a time to make a lot of fun and enjoy. My birthday falls on_18_August_.

This year I am planning a party on my birthday with my cousins and friends. and I will also send out invitations to all. This year I am also planning for the strawberry cake and to give my cousins and friends a return gift for my Birthday Party.

My mom also bakes her special sweets and delicious food. This year there will be fresh flowers and balloons to decorate the house. My dad will buy a pink dress and shoes for me. I am always excited when my birthday comes.

On the morning of my birthday, I touched the feet of all my family members to seek their blessings. and In school, I distributed sweets to my classmates and teachers. All my classmates sang a birthday song for me. My friends gave me birthday gifts.

On the evening of my birthday, my parents organize a fabulous Birthday Party which is fully decorated with Flowers, Colorful Balloons, Lamps, Ribbons, Sweets, etc. To see all these preparations regarding my birthday party I’m surprised as well as so much excited.

I wore a new impressive dress. I cut the cake while all others around me sing the birthday song. All the guests greeted me with good wishes and beautiful gifts. My parents gifted me a Laptop which is a very heart-touching moment for me.

Then we all enjoy and celebrate my Birthday Party. we all played a lot of interesting games. We enjoyed the game of musical chair. One of my friends played guitar. Everyone danced to the latest songs.

The guests were served coffee and snacks. Everyone was in a joyful mood. Then I and my friends sang songs and danced together. Everyone had dinner at around 10 pm and then the party was over.

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Now, after enjoying the Birthday Party, I gave return gifts to all my cousins, friends as well as relatives. It was a wonderful party.

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Essay On Birthday Party In 200+ Words

Essay On Birthday Party In 200+ Words
Essay On Birthday Party In 200+ Words

My birthday comes on 18 August, My birthday is very memorable and it is one of the happiest days of my life. On this day I get up early in the morning. I wear my new clothes. I take the blessings of my parents and then go to the temple.

My Mother prepare my favorite dishes for lunch. In school, I celebrate my birthday by giving sweets to my friends and teachers. And I invite all my friends and relations to my birthday party.

Every year my parents organize an Impressive party on my birthday. At my birthday party, my parents bring a special cake for me. my house is fully decorated with Ribbons, Balloons, Lamps, etc.

In the evening, my friends, relations, and neighbors come to my house. They give me lots of gifts and best wishes. I was glad to see all my friends, relatives and my family who made my birthday party memorable and joyful.

Especially, I should talk about my lovely parents who made this birthday party a lovely one, very thankful to them, I got such a wonderful family and relatives, thus all are awesome that was all about my birthday party.

Now, I cut the cake and share it with my parents, friends as well as relatives. everybody clapped and sing a nice birthday song for me. we have cake, snacks, and cold drinks. we also play many games. we also eat many delicious snacks and sweets.

We all dance together and enjoy my birthday party. then the guests were served hot and cold drinks, sweets and fruits, etc.

We all enjoy the birthday party with so much joy and enthusiasm. Near about 10 pm my birthday party becomes ends. And I also give everyone a book as a return gift.


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Essay On Birthday Party In 150+ Words

Birthday is everyone’s most memorable day of life. My parents celebrate my birthday every year with great enthusiasm.

On the day of my birthday, I wake up early in the morning. I went to my parent’s room. they smiled and blessed me as I touched their feet. and I back to my room to finish my morning chores.

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Every year In the evening my parents planned a Birthday party and they invite all my friends and relatives to my birthday party. My mother bakes delicious food, sweets, etc. And they also buy a lovely cake for my birthday party.

My house is fully decorated with flowers, lamps, and balloons. Every year I wait for my birthday with so much excitement.

Now we all celebrate the birthday party by cutting the cake. and at this time everyone’s clapped as well as sing a lovely song for me. this movement is full of so much excitement.

we all serve the cake, sweets, fruits, foods, cold drinks, etc., and enjoy the birthday party. after sometimes birthday party time over. Everyone meets me again and wishes for my bright future.

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Essay On Birthday Party In 100+ Words

Birthday is the most memorable day and everyone celebrates this day with joy and enthusiasm. I celebrate this day by inviting my friends to my birthday party. my parents also invite their close relatives and friends.

At first, I salute all the elders and receive their blessing. We give a feast to the whole family and friends. The whole house is decorated with flowers, colored paper, and balloons.

In the evening, I’m cut the birthday cake and distributed it among the guests. On this day, I receive various gifts from friends and family, and I also provide a return gift to all my guests. 

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Thanks to my parents who celebrate my Birthday Party in such great manners.


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