Essay On Cybercrime In 1000+ Words | Cybercrime Essay in English

Essay On Cybercrime In 1000+ Words | Cybercrime Essay in English

Hello Friend, In this post “Essay On Cybercrime In 1000+ Words | Cybercrime Essay in English“, We will read about “Cybercrime” as an Essay In detail with an In-depth Analysis.

Essay On Cybercrime In 1000+ Words


The internet offers a benefit to society, it also presents opportunities for crime using highly sophisticated technological tools.

Cybercrime is a crime in which a computer is used as an object of crime to commit an offense that may range from hate speeches, pornography, accessing personal information, credit and debit card information thefts to spreading different kinds of viruses throughout the world.

In cyber-crime, a computer is used as a weapon of crime by an individual, an organized group, or even a country. In it, the victim and the offender may never come in direct contact with each other.

Another type of cyber-crimes is theft. Artistic works like books, music, and movies are downloaded and circulated thereby
infringing upon a person’s copyright materials.


Advancement in the world of the internet has provided a platform to cybercriminals for immoral activities. The open and unregulated nature of the internet provides a ground for a crime against women especially.

According to the report by the UN, about 35 percent of the women in the world are victims of violence. And what is more appalling is that 60 percent of women across the world have faced threats on social media. Cybercrime against women also leads to extreme mental agony for women.

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Women are being harassed via emails which include blackmailing, threatening, and constant sending of love letters in anonymous names or regular sending of embarrassing emails.

Some cybercrime against women includes harassment through emails Cyberstalking, Cyber defamation, Child pornography, Cyberbullying, Cyber grooming, etc.

Cyberstalking is also on the rise which involves following a person’s movement across the internet. In general, the stalker intends to cause emotional distress to the victim.

Another kind of cybercrime against women is cyber grooming in which a person builds an online relationship with a young woman and tricks her into doing sexual-activities.

Today the young generation is too sensitive and touchy. Cyberbullying has become a common practice causing serious impacts, insanity, and even death. Another typed of serious crime is defamation.

It takes a whole life to earn respect but a dirty mind and an internet connection to wipe it away in a second. In this great world, virtues and vices march hand in hand.

The numerous advantage of every invention shouldn’t be marred by its abuses and misuses. Why not be a little vigilant both in the world and web.


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Classification of Cyber Crime

  1. Cyber Pornography
  2. Cyber Stalking
  3. Cyber Terrorism
  4. Hacking
  5. Virus and Contaminants
  6. Cyber Crimes related to Finance
  7. Phishing and Vishing
  8. Denial of Service Attack
  9. Data Theft
  10. Data Diddling
  11. Salami Attacks
  12. E-mail Bombing
  13. E-mail Spoofing
  14. Logic Bombs
  15. Internet Time Theft
  16. Cyber Crime related to Intellectual Property Rights
  17. Cybercrime with Mobile and Wireless Technology
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Characteristics of Cyber Crime

  • People with specialized knowledge
  1. Cybercrimes can only be committed through technology. Thus to commit this kind of crime one has to be very skilled in the internet and computers.
  2. The people who have committed cybercrime are well educated and have a deep understanding of the usability of the internet,
  • Geographical challenges
  1. In cyberspace, the geographical boundaries reduced to zero.
  2. A cybercriminal in no time sitting in any part of the world commit the crime in other corners of the world.
  3. For example, a hacker sitting in India can hack into the system placed in the United States.
  • Virtual World
  1. The activities of cybercrime take place in cyberspace and the criminal who is committing this activity is physically outside from cyberspace.
  2. Every activity of the criminal while committing that crime is done over the virtual world.
  • Collection of Evidence
  1. It is very difficult to collect evidence of cybercrime and prove them in a court of law due to the nature of cybercrime.
  2. The criminal in cybercrime invokes the jurisdiction of several countries while committing the cybercrime and at the same time he is sitting someplace safe where he is not traceable.
  • The magnitude of crime unimaginable
  1. Cybercrime has the potential of causing injury and loss of life to an extent that cannot be imagined.
  2. The offenses like cyber terrorism, cyber pornography, etc have a wide reach and they can destroy websites, steal the data of the companies in no time.
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Conclusion (Essay On Cybercrime In 1000+ Words)

We all must remember that Cyberspace is a common heritage of ours that we have inherited in our lifetimes from the benefits of ever-growing technologies.

This Cyberspace is the lifetime of the entire universe and given its irreversible position today, It is the duty of every citizen to contribute toward making the said cyberspace free of any trouble or cybercrime.


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