Top 51+ Renewable Energy Facts 2021| Facts About Renewable Energy


Top 51+ Renewable Energy Facts 2021| Facts About Renewable Energy

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Top 51+ Renewable Energy Facts In 2021

How many facts do we know about renewable energy, the question is also what do we know about it? And to what extent do we understand the costs and benefits of clean energy sources?

Are you surprised to know that we are not able to take advantage of renewable sources due to a lack of awareness? To a certain extent, yes. So, Let’s know about, the top 51+ amazing as well as fascinating facts about Renewable Energy.

Top 51+ Renewable Energy Facts

  1. Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydro energy, Tidal energy, Geothermal energy Biomass energy are the most popular forms of renewable energy.

  2. From about 200 BCE onwards, Chinese people used windmills to grind grains and pumps water, and geothermal energy was first used by the Romans to heats the house.

  3. Hydropower is installed to the location of fast-moving water of the sea or river. Therefore, when the water hits the blood of the turbine, the blades start to spin, and through this process, this force of water is converted into electrical energy.

  4. Surveys show that the resource base of geothermal energy of the world is much larger than the world’s resource base of coal, gas, uranium, and oil combined.

  5. According to the policy released by International Renewable Energy Agency, Renewable energy will prove to be effective for generating electricity for those millions of people who are not on the grid.

  6. Currently, biomass is the main pillar of America’s renewable energy source. It has over 200 plants that provide electricity to approximately 1.5 million American homes.

  7. In 1990, a solar-powered airplane flew over the United States and made history.

  8. The physics behind solar panels (photoelectric effect) was discovered by Albert Einstein.

  9. The solar power system does not produce greenhouse gases or air pollutants, although a small number of environments are affected during its construction.

  10. Texas, California, Oklahoma, Lowa, and Kansas are the leading wind power states in the US. However, wind turbines can be installed at high wind speeds, such as in open plains, on mountains, or in offshore waters.

  11. Through wind turbines, we make electricity from wind and the height of wind turbine is 20 stories tall.

  12. The strength of a wind turbine can be gauged from the fact that, with only one wind turbine, we can deliver electricity to about 300 homes at the same time.

  13. In 2009, about 10% of the US’s total electricity generation was generated through renewable sources.

  14. In 2017, China has installed 19.7 GW of capacity, with two wind turbines being built and installed every hour.

  15. The world’s largest wind farm is the Gansu Wind Farm, which produces about 7965 MW and its planned capacity is around 20000 MW.


  16. In the terms of installed capacity, the Chinese Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest dam with a capacity of 22,500 MW.

  17. Renewable energy is mostly used for power generation.

  18. the use of renewable energy is inversely proportional to the use of fossil fuel.

  19. In today’s time, we are not able to use a lot of renewable energy because now the production of renewable energy is more expensive than non-renewable energy.

  20. Renewable energy can also be called clean energy because it does not harm the environment.

  21. Renewable energy creates 5x employment in comparison to fossil fuels.

  22. More than half of the renewable energy we get through biomass.

  23. By 2050, we will replace fossil fuels with renewable energy up to 95%.

  24. So far, the highest amount of investment in the renewable energy sector has been done by China.

  25. Michael Bloomberg has invested $ 70 million in renewable energy in the US.

  26. Mongolia is investing around $ 85 million to install wind turbines.

  27. Today, Chernobyl is a Renewable Energy Area.

  28. Saudi Arabia is investing about 50 billion dollars in the production of renewable energy.

  29. The largest wind turbine company in the world is Vestas.

  30. By renting the roof of your house for the production of Renewable Energy, solar panels can be installed on it for free.

  31. Singapore Launches Blockchain Market in context of renewable energy.

  32. Facebook is running through 100% renewable energy.


  33. The Giza pyramids have also been surrounded by solar panels from all four sides to produce renewable energy.

  34. Renewable energy present in natural sources is a form of clean energy.

  35. Sources of renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydropower, etc. are not emitted greenhouse gases directly.

  36. 30 years ago, Siemens built commercial offshore wind turbines for the first time. In which 5 meters long blades were engaged, which used to produce 30 kW power. And its modern model has 75 meters long blades which produce about 6 MW of power. With which electricity can be provided up to 6000 homes.

  37. Due to renewable energy, the way we live our lives is also changing day by day.

  38. With the increasing use of technology, the production of renewable energy is proving to be more and more cost-effective.

  39. Renewable Energy Source is considered as the main pillar for power supply in South Africa.

  40. About 16% of the total energy around the world comes from renewable sources.

  41. Getting energy through renewable sources is not a new technique but for almost 200 years we have been using it in various forms.

  42. Water is mainly used as a source for obtaining renewable energy.

  43. Through the sun, we get so much energy in just 1 hour that the whole world can use it for 1 year.

  44. We can also produce electricity through the silicon found in sand.

  45. According to some experts, by 2050, we will be getting about 95% of our energy through renewable sources.

  46. Biodiesel is a type of fuel, which is obtained through biomass such as animal fats or vegetable oil.

  47. Geothermal energy is generated from heat, which is stored in the earth.


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