Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Online Classes

Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Online Classes

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Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Online Classes During Lockdown

Ambedkar Nagar

Dear Friend Shreya,

Hi, how are you? As you know all the schools & colleges are shut down due to this pandemic, so schools & colleges are arranging online classes for their student.

For me, this is a completely different experience. I’m regularly taking my online classes.

Like school, there is also a time -table for each class.

Even in the house is still wake up early in the morning because my classes start at 8:00 am to till 2:00 pm between this time I also get 15 min break after every class.

Sometimes it makes me very frustrated because of all the regular activities, I have done in this free time like bathing, eating, etc.

But overall it’s good, all my teachers really do hard work. they teach us as they teach in the classroom.

Sometimes networks create issues or other technical problems although this is a really exciting experience for me.

All my exams are conducted on the basis of MCQ, which is easy as well as time-saving.

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Because descriptive answer writing is not so much good via online classes.

But in objective types of questions, you don’t need to write a long answer, just understand your question and mark your answer.

I think all universities, as well as schools, should understand this problem and make our education system better.

However, as we know, a few months ago our education policy became changed after 34 years by the new education policy 2020.

But these online classes also shows us some problem that we never consider, if this pandemic not happen.

So, it is also a form of an opportunity to make ourselves as well as our education system better.

I hope you understand my experience through my words, see you soon.

Yours Lovingly Komal


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Write a Letter to Your Friend about Your Online Classes



Dear Friend__________.

Hope you are well now. I am writing this letter to share my views about the online classes organized by our teachers.

Due to covid-19 our school has been conducting online classes since lockdown become started.

Our online classes are going on smoothly. On the first day of my online classes, I became very excited, our teachers are explaining our lessons very nicely.

I like the online classes because none can disturb me at home, whereas in the classroom some student makes a noise.

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In the classroom, a few students sit on the last bench where they cannot listen to the teachers properly.

These online classes not only empower us with knowledge but also empower us with the advancement of technology.

It is a very nice process to educate the student during the lockdown period.

I hope you are attending your online classes properly. Finally, hope you are all might.

Yours Ever…

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Write a Letter to Your Friend and Share the Experience of Your Online classes



Dear Friend,

I am fine here I hope you are also well there. I am studying well here and hope you also studying well.

I am writing this letter to share my experience or views about online classes.

As you know the whole world was suffering from coronavirus disease. Due to this, our government kept a lockdown.

So, the people were staying at home. actually, I was prepared for my entrance exams.

So, I take online classes which are offered by our institution. it is very useful for us.

Through these online classes we are able to read and we can clarify our own doubts about any topic.

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It is a very nice thing to educate students during this lockdown and it also saves time.

Give my regards to your family and you also share your views with me.

See you soon…
Thank you

Write a Letter to Your Friends and Share Experience about Online Classes During Lockdown



Dear Friend’s,___________.

I’m doing fine here and hope you do the same. I’m writing this letter to share my experience Of online classes.

Due to this pandemic disease, our school started virtually classroom and online teaching.

the online classes make me engaged through these lockdown days. I was excited to see all our friends in the online live class.

But, I miss our physical class, and sometimes I’m also facing network connectivity issues.

please write me about your online learning experience too.

Convey my regards to your parents.

Yours Lovingly




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