Essay On Skin Donation In English In 500+ Words {Step By Step Guide}


Essay On Skin Donation In English In 500+ Words

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Essay On Skin Donation In English


Skin is our defense barrier and this barrier is lost in burn patients due to which the entry of Infectious diseases such as bacteria becomes started into the body which is responsible for the death.

Loss of skin is also one of the main reasons for high mortality. It impacts our body very badly such as defense mechanism is lost, loss of fluid, loss of protein, loss of blood, bacterial infection, etc.

And if it is not treated well then it also can cause Septicemia as well as death. Damaged skin can be replaced with healthy skin which can save people’s lives.

Body Part  (Essay On Skin Donation In English)

Skin donation is also possible after the death of any person, like the donation of the eye and other organs. With the help of skin donation, you can also help those who have been injured in a fire or in an accident.

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A person can donate skin after his death. Skin can be donated within 6 hours after death. Anyone can donate skin irrespective of gender and blood group. The minimum age of the donor should be 18 years. There is no upper age limit.

There is no bleeding and no disfigurement. The area is properly bandaged after the skin graft is harvested. Another organ donation is also possible. No cross-matching of blood group or HLA typing is required before using the skin graft.

A skin bank is a place where cadaveric skin is processed and preserved under optimal conditions from where it can be used for benefit of burn patients. Skin is processed and preserved using various chemicals. lt can be stored for up to a period of five years.


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Cadaver skin is applied to the wounds of born patients or patients with massive trauma. It acts as a temporary biological dressing and can help in improving the condition of the patients and saving lives.

Persons suffering from HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Sexually transmitted diseases, Active skin disease, Septicemia, etc are considered unfit for skin donation.

The stages of Skin Banking are from Skin Harvesting to Processing to Storage to Use. And skin can be stored for up to 5yrs in a cold room at 4°C  of skin bank.

Types Of Skin Donation

  1. Live Donation
  2. Cadaveric Donation

Live Donation

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
Easily & Instant AvailableNeed Hospitalization
Better AdherenceOnly relatives will donate
Fresh SkinLess amount of graft
Money SaveDonor site scar
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Cadaveric Donation (Peeling the dead to heal the living)

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
No HospitalizationRequires a Skin Bank
Anybody above 18yrs can donateLess number of Donations & Donator
Does not interfere with the donation of other organsSomething Expensive…


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Now it’s time to raise awareness among medical professionals as well as the general public so that the number of skin donations becomes increases.

We can encourage our citizens to join us in this mission to increase awareness about Skin donation. So that the lives of millions of people can be saved in the future.

FAQs (Essay On Skin Donation In English)

How much time does the skin donation procedure take?
The procedure takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

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Is it necessary to transport the donor to the hospital after death for skin donation?
No. The skin bank team will come to the donor’s home, hospital or morgue, wherever the donor is kept.

Is consent for skin donation taken before the procedure?
Yes. Consent of the next of kin and a witness is required before the skin harvesting procedure is initiated.

From which part of the body is skin harvested?
Skin is commonly harvested from both the legs, both the thighs and back.

Is the entire thickness of skin harvested?
No. Only the uppermost thin layer of skin is harvested.

Can individuals with Diabetes and Hypertension donate skin?
Yes. Even deceased with these conditions con donate skin.

Where are skin banks available in India?
Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Nashik, Bhubaneshwar, Bangalore, Sangli, Nagpur, Belgavi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Manipal.

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