Essay On Law And Technology | Law And Technology Essay In English

Essay On Law And Technology | Law And Technology Essay In English

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Essay On Law and Technology: Should we regulate fake news on digital platforms?

Today Information and Communication Technology, the internet, and the mobile Revolution have changed how we do things.

Everything is going online, think instant data access, social media, e-commerce mobile communication cloud computing, and the internet of things.

Every person knows there’s lots of stuff are available on the internet. It is so much that it can be too much for anyone.

Digital Platforms companies are tried to do filtering all that stuff that is available on the internet and on the basis of our individual preferences they served customized results.

this is possible through computer code, algorithms that curate content based on people’s online habits. But according to the researcher, these automated artificial intelligence-based systems are isolating and radicalizing people from the broader civic society.

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Digital Platform companies such as Twitter, Facebook, etc, are used these algorithms to capture our data as well as interest to make their services better. and these algorithms are not programmed to provide accurate information or on the basis of civic responsibility.

Actually, these algorithms are built to prioritize content that will get more and more clicks. hence, clickbait content, as well as fake news, goes viral.

For many decades, the role of journalism was to provide balanced, impartial, fact-checking-based information to the people. But now the image of journalism is getting tarnished due to fake news.

The government will have to enact laws to monitor fake news and to coordinate between digital media and the people so that technology can be used in the right direction under the law.

Almost all digital media companies are competing for only and only public attention and maximum visitors. So, now the question is arise, how should we regulate fake news on digital platforms.

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There is no single solution to regulate fake news and to coordinate between law and technology, but for this, we need a combination of policies that are used by multiple agencies in the public sector.

We need to tackle this issue in three key areas.

  1. Content
  2. Data 
  3. Competition
  • Content

People must combat misinformation and fake news with civic journalism, digital literacy programs, awareness at the field level, radical ad transparency programs, better research, to reveal how the system works. This will increase people’s confidence in technology as well as democracy.

  • Data

Our government’s requirement to makes such types of law which give individuals control over how their information as well as personal data is collected, used. and Governments should also establish legal norms, algorithmic auditing, new ethical, and public reporting for the deployment of artificial intelligence.

  • Competition

The government will have to take the strictest steps to protect the people from any wrong or fake information. so that the trust of the people should be balanced between technological advancement and our democracy.

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The users of the digital platform should have a meaningful choice to find, send and receive information. it means that the governments require to modernize monopoly and antitrust regulations.

And strengthen restrictions should be placed on acquisitions and mergers to limit tech giant platforms from getting even bigger, Hence consumers have an option to shift from one to another. competitiveness makes a balanced market and also maintains the user experience.

However, due to technological advancement, there has been a lot of growth in the real world through social media. And we have to use social media also to keep in mind public safety and Democratic Integrity.

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