Essay On Generic Drugs- Why Should You Prefer In 500+ Words


Essay On Generic Drugs- Why Should You Prefer OR Essay On Why Should You Prefer Generic Drugs

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Essay On Generic Drugs- Why Should You Prefer

Generic drugs are those medicines that are much cheaper than any branded drug and are also as effective as a branded drug. the generic drug is manufactured and distributed without a patent.

As per the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, the active ingredient in generic drugs must be the same as the active ingredient in branded-name drugs as well as the same safety, strength, dosage, route of administration, and conditions of use.

For the treatment of a particular disease, it is recommended to give a chemical element/compound as a special medicine after all the research. Different companies sell different names to this element. the name of generic medicines is determined by an expert committee based on the name of the active ingredient present in that medicine.

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The generic name of a medicine is the same all over the world. the government’s aim in promoting the use of generic drugs is to reduce medical expenditure.

The majority of our country’s population is from the middle class and lower class. because of this, not all patients are able to afford expensive medicines. In such a situation, generic drugs can prove to be a boon to them.

The world health organization says that if doctors start advising patients on generic drugs, then there will be a reduction of more than 70 percent on medical expenses.

We must give priority to generic drugs because generic medicines are on average five times cheaper than branded drugs. the availability of generic drugs can provide a huge contribution in providing health protection to the common man.

In some countries like Brazil and France, more than 20 percent of the total drugs, generic drugs are sold. If this is the in your country, then we can invest a large part of the money in the development of the country, that goes to the big drug companies.

If seen personally, if we become healthy with cheaper medicine instead of more expensive medicine, then we can also use our money in some other important work. that is why we should give preference to generic drugs.


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Most large cities have generic medical stores. but due to lack of publicity, people do not get their benefit. for any disease, the medicine that the doctor prescribes, you can get the generic medicine containing a salt of the same medicine at a much lower price than that.

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The only thing is to be aware of yourself. in the absence of information, the poor are also forced to buy expensive medicines from chemists.

If any person asks for the generic medicine from the chemist, then the drug dealers refuse their availability. the government should provide the facility of generic medicines to the common man. along with this, there is a need that people should know about generic drugs and especially the poor so that they do not get caught in the maze of pharmaceutical companies.

That is how the generic drugs will definitely help us to make safe and effective use of medicines affordable and make the lives of patients and people healthy as well as happy. Hence, the preference for generic drugs by people is the need of this time to make treatment or cure affordable.

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