Essay On An act of political courage that occurred after John F. Kennedy’s birth


Essay On An act of political courage that occurred after John F. Kennedy’s birth

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The rare and admirable attribute of political courage has been crucial in determining the direction of history. President John F. Kennedy was one of the most well-known advocates of this quality.

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning book “Profiles in Courage,” he honored people who had exhibited exceptional political daring.

Kennedy was born in 1917, but political courage persisted and took many different forms throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

This article discusses political bravery after the birth of John F. Kennedy by examining historical events and their effects on society.

I. Barbara Jordan’s Defense of the Constitution

Barbara Jordan, who was born in 1936, became well-known for her work in law, education, and politics.

She showed political bravery in the 1970s during the Watergate affair while serving on the House Judiciary Committee.

Jordan’s powerful address on the House of Representatives floor was a good example of political bravery.

She fiercely supported the Constitution, calling for President Richard Nixon to be removed from office based on the evidence of his crimes.

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Jordan, an African American woman from Texas, was under a lot of criticism from her own party since it was reluctant to remove a party president.

She nevertheless took a moral stand, disregarding the political repercussions, because of her unflinching dedication to the Constitution’s and justice’s fundamental ideals.

She took a gutsy stand in favor of impeachment, demonstrating that political courage has no borders and can come from people from many walks of life.

II. Nelson Mandela’s Reconciliation

Nelson Mandela, who was born in 1918, rose to prominence as a political rebel throughout the world as a result of his fight against South Africa’s apartheid system.

Mandela once again displayed his extraordinary courage after being released from jail in 1990 by pushing for rapprochement and forgiveness rather than retribution.

Mandela’s courageous political act was his choice to collaborate with his former oppressors to create a democratic and inclusive South Africa in a nation that had been severely damaged by racial differences.

Mandela avoided a bloodbath by embracing reconciliation, and he also established a model for peaceful transitions from repressive to democratic administrations all across the world.

His unwavering dedication to peace and forgiveness won him the esteem of the international community and cemented his status as a figurehead of political bravery and optimism.

III. Malala Yousafzai’s Fight for Girls’ Education

Malala Yousafzai, who was born in 1997, is a Pakistani citizen, where promoting girls’ education can be a dangerous venture.

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Malala bravely protested the Taliban’s prohibition on girls attending school in her native Swat Valley despite the great risk to her life.

Malala, then just 15 years old, survived a Taliban assassination attempt in 2012, which only fueled her determination to fight for girls’ rights and education.

Malala’s persistent dedication to education as a fundamental human right, particularly for girls, attracted support from all over the world.

As the youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, she cemented her reputation as a global symbol of political bravery and the value of education in the face of adversity in 2014.

IV. Edward Snowden’s Whistleblowing

In 2013, 1983-year-old Edward Snowden, who later revealed confidential documents outlining the scope of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) vast data-gathering operations, sparked a debate on government surveillance and privacy rights across the globe.

It took enormous political courage for Snowden to reveal the American government’s secret surveillance programs.

Faced with the prospect of detention and exile, Snowden made the deliberate decision to divulge material he felt the general public had a right to know.

His activities triggered debates about how to strike a balance between personal privacy and national security, which resulted in changes to American surveillance laws.

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Snowden’s readiness to jeopardize his freedom in order to defend civil freedoms stands as a prime example of political bravery in the modern era of the internet.


Political bravery transcends space and time, as demonstrated by Barbara Jordan, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, and Edward Snowden.

These people showed that taking moral steps in the face of danger to oneself or political pressure still has a positive impact on the world.

These individuals have added new chapters to this enduring tale of bravery, reminding us that it is not confined to any era

But remains an essential force for positive change in our constantly changing political landscape, just as President Kennedy celebrated political courage in his book “Profiles in Courage.”

Their leadership serves as a source of hope and inspiration for upcoming generations of leaders who could be required to show political bravery at crucial moments in a time of complex circumstances.

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