Essay On Global South and India


Essay On Global South and India

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Essay On Global South and India


The idea of the Global South has become more popular as a framework for comprehending the shared struggles and aspirations of developing countries in the fields of international geopolitics and economic dynamics.

This phrase refers to a heterogeneous collection of nations that are bound together by shared social, economic, and historical experiences.

India is a notable and complicated example of one of these countries, with a rich tapestry of cultural legacy, economic progress, and development concerns.

The complex relationship between India and the Global South is explored in this essay, along with the historical background, current issues, and prospects for future growth and cooperation.

Historical Context

The historical hegemony of Western countries and their exploitation of the resources and labor of the less developed regions gave rise to the idea of the Global South.

This phrase stresses the common experiences of economic dependence, colonization, and cultural enslavement. India’s history serves as a classic example of the hardships many nations in the Global South have had in this regard.

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India’s resources were depleted by centuries of colonial domination by the British Empire, which also left behind long-lasting social and economic scars.

Challenges of Development

The Global South struggles with modern problems like poverty, inequality, healthcare inequities, and environmental degradation while it works to overcome its historical obstacles.

India encounters these difficulties in many ways despite its tremendous economic expansion. With a sizeable section of the population still living in poverty, income inequality is still a serious problem.

There are disparities in access to high-quality healthcare and education, especially in rural areas.

Inadequate infrastructure and environmental challenges brought on by urbanization and industrialization also impede the country’s development.

Economic Growth and Technological Advancements

The course that India is on in the twenty-first century offers a special fusion of opportunities and complexities.

The economy of the nation has grown remarkably, propelled by industries like services, pharmaceuticals, and information technology.

India is a worldwide innovation leader thanks to its skill in software creation and burgeoning tech sector. Due to this economic expansion, the middle class is expanding, and geopolitical influence has grown.

Though not everyone in society has benefited equally from prosperity, some people are still struggling to meet their fundamental needs.

India’s Role in the Global South

India is a prominent actor in the Global South due to its historical background and economic development.

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The nation has become more involved in South-South cooperation, creating partnerships with other developing countries to address common problems.

The establishment of the BRICS group, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and strives to increase collaboration and participation in global economic governance, is one of the best examples of this.

India’s approach to international aid and development assistance also demonstrates its dedication to the advancement of the Global South.

Participants from other developing countries can enroll in training programs under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) initiative, for instance.

India’s focus on information, skill, and resource sharing highlights its commitment to shared prosperity and growth.

Geopolitical Significance

India’s geopolitical significance has increased as a result of its strategic location and economic potential.

The nation’s “Look East” and “Act East” programs are a testament to its efforts to forge closer connections with Southeast Asian countries and balance China’s sway over the area.

India’s involvement in regional organizations like the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) shows its dedication to fostering economic integration and marine security in the larger Global South.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Environmental sustainability has become a crucial factor as the Global South works to develop. Vulnerable groups in developing countries are disproportionately impacted by climate change and ecological degradation.

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India, one of the top carbon polluters in the world, must simultaneously meet its energy needs and make the switch to cleaner sources.

India’s dedication to leading renewable energy efforts and supporting sustainable practices within the Global South is demonstrated by the International Solar Alliance, which it established.


The relationship between the Global South and India is a complex web of past battles, present problems, and ambitions for the future.

India’s transition from colonial rule to economic development, technical innovation, and international diplomacy is a microcosm of the resilience and promise of the Global South as a whole.

India can continue to be a symbol of development in the Global South by tackling concerns with inequality, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

This will promote cooperation, information sharing, and efforts to create a more just and affluent world.

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