Essay On How I Spent My Lockdown Days For all Class Students


Essay On How I Spent My Lockdown Days For all Class Students

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Essay On How I Spent My Lockdown Days For all Class Students

The deadly Coronavirus infection has put the world into a sudden shock with its rapid spread.

The deadly disease is also known as Covid-19. Originated from the Wuhan City of China and has put almost the whole world into lockdown after the WHO (World Health Organization) declared it a Pandemic.

Going ahead in this essay, I shall explain How I spent my time during this lockdown.

Everyone was at home and my parents did not allow me to play with my friends in society.

I stayed at home and played a lot of mobile games.

As the first lockdown was about to end the government declared Lockdown 2.0 and also canceled our exams.

I was very happy to know that this year I will not write any exams and so I didn’t need to study anymore.

We were going to get promoted to the next class without any exams, but that happiness lasted for a few days and boredom was taking over me.

Then I decided to start reading books that I haven’t done for a long time, so started reading “Zero To One” Written by Pieter Thiel.

That was one of the best books I ever read but that helped me kill just 3 days of boredom as I was totally free so I used to read around 5-7 hours a day.

For Entertainment purposes, I decided to help my mom with cooking, I watched many videos on Youtube.

And then I decided to make ‘Tandoori Paneer Platter’ like restaurants, with the help of my mom I made this platter and to everyone’s surprise, it was tastier than the restaurant.

After my successful first attempt, I made “Rasmalai’ which again, in turn, was a tasty sweet dish.

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We had crossed one month in lockdown by that time.

We continued experimenting with new and new dishes that include Mango Ice-cream, potato chips & Birthday cake for my Father’s birthday which we celebrated at home this year.

One day I was thinking, this year I am going to enjoy the longest vacation ever but that wasn’t my destiny.

Soon after that, one day our school started online classes and that changed my schedule a bit.

Now I attend my online class every day followed by the homework and assignments but again I like this system of online education more than the conventional one.

Now the government has announced unlock 1.0 and things are coming back to normal a bit but our schools are closed for 2 more months and maybe it will take around a year or so for life to return to completely normal.

I believe this experience of the spread of a pandemic is new for all of us and hopefully, we are not going to witness such a bad experience again in our lifetime.


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How I Spend My Time During Lockdown Essay In English

Coronavirus has currently affected the whole world. the number of people getting infected day by day because there is no proper drug or vaccine to control Covid-19 when its spread initially.

The lockdown was the only way to control this virus.

During this lockdown, I got a chance to spend my time at home with my family.

In the beginning, I was feeling happy, I got so many holidays.

But as the holiday increased, I felt boring because I never spent that much time at home and this lockdown was my first experience.

I could not go to my school and also could not play outdoor games with my friends.

Then I decided to do some useful activities. I started reading different books because I wanted to improve my reading skill.

I read one book in a day. I was taking my online classes too.

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I played indoor games like computer games and chase.

During the lockdown, I took the benefits of the internet. I made an English learning channel on YouTube for kids.

Daily I upload my English topics on my YouTube channel. I picked up the colors and tested my creativity by doing the drawing.

I also learned to cook and try new recipes daily. For entertainment, I watch documentaries to learn new things.

I made a picnic at home, just took a mat went up on the terrace, and enjoy it.

There are so many things to do. Everyone could spend his time at home with creative and useful things.


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No one would have ever imagined staying at home for days or even months, but because of the lockdown, it seemed as if the whole country had to stay indoors.

Only a few essential workers like doctors, nurses, police, milk distributors, medical stores, etc. were allowed to step out and serve others.

when I listen about the lockdown, I’m so much happy because it’s given me an opportunity to play and pass time with family at home.

My daily routine began by bathing and praying to god.

The housemaid was also not allowed to come so I decided to help with daily house chores.

I began helping with cleaning the house, washing utensils, washing and drying bags of vegetables and milk to recycle, and wiping and sanitizing materials that could not be washed.

All book racks, shelves, and cloth cupboards were neatly organized.

Also, I learned new things like cooking and chopping vegetables, etc.

In the afternoon, everyone in the house came together to play games like carrom board, snakes and ladders, ludo, cards, business, etc.

It was after a very long time that such board games were removed from the storeroom.

I also saw some interesting videos on Youtube and saw some old famous series on television.

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Some online tutorials taught me lessons on drawing and I painted some beautiful pictures on my own.

I also made masks out of clothes for the entire family.

After online schooling started, I began spending a lot of time studying.

As we were restricted from playing outside, I started Yoga, jump rope, and exercises for physical activity.

After dinner, the whole family chit-chatted for hours as no one was in a hurry to head to work the next day.

It was a memorable time spent together which once again reminded all of us of the importance of family.

Also, the importance of health was realized, and taking care of each other became a habit for a lifetime.

Paragraph on how I spent my days during the lockdown For All Class Students

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government imposed a lockdown to keep people from gathering.

It gave us an opportunity to take a break from our daily routine and enjoy some time with family.

I didn’t waste the time just sitting at home idly. I wanted to utilize my lockdown period in the best possible way.

I had borrowed some books from the school library. I spent a good part of my time reading them.

I watched many Youtube videos on education. I also joined an online language learning course to learn Japanese.

Every day I would do exercise and yoga to keep myself fit.

I would help my mother with her work like cleaning, washing clothes, and also in the kitchen.

I rearranged my reading room in a new way. I created a small garden in front of my reading room.

My brother and I would feed the street dogs and one poor person every day.

In extra time, my brother and I used to play indoor games such as hide and seek and Ludo.

The lockdown gave me a chance to explore new things. I will never forget those moments.


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