Article On Grow More Trees To Reduce Pollution {Step by Step Guide}


Article On Grow More Trees To Reduce Pollution {Step by Step Guide}

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Article On Grow More Trees To Reduce Pollution

Trees and plants are one of the reasons why mankind came into existence. In order to live on this earth, we humans as well as almost all beings need trees and plants.

Due to trees and plants, the environment of the earth is favorable for all beings. and they also absorb all harmful gases and give us fresh air to breathe.

Not only trees used by birds and various species as a habitat. People also came here for morning walks, evening sports, yoga sessions, and laughter therapy. these are also safe places for the kids to play and socialize.

If we talk about history, our creation, upbringing, everything is connected with the forests. But in spite of all this, we have been harvesting these forests in excessive amounts to meet our needs, which is posing a great threat to our future.

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Due to the shortage of trees, rivers, ponds, etc. are drying up due to less amount of rain, there is also a danger of water crisis. Due to lack of rain, farmers are facing a lot of difficulty in growing the crop, due to this, there is also a situation of starvation.

Fast-growing population and development work are emerging as a curse for trees and plants. With the increasing amount of pollution due to factories, fuels, vehicles, etc., the threat of global warming is also hovering.

Along with cutting trees, the negligence of people is also promoting pollution. To get rid of all this pollution and diseases, we have to grow more and more trees.

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We have some forests such as Vandalur Reserve Forest, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Kanha National park, etc. but these are not enough for us. we have required to expand it by growing more trees.

At least, we should plant some trees to our level and make the area around us green. By grow more trees, pollution will be reduced, along with this, we will also be completely free from diseases.

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We need a people’s movement towards growing more trees to reduce pollution at this time because we can achieve any goal through people’s participation.

And at the same time, people have to be aware of the importance of trees and plants so that their harvesting can be reduced and the excessive amount of trees can be planted.

Because until everyone does not fulfill their responsibility, we will not be able to make our beloved mother earth free from pollution and make it green.

Therefore, to protect all beings, grow more trees is not only necessary but also the needs of the time. so that we will be able to make our future green and pollution-free.

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