Essay On My Experience Of Online Classes During Covid-19 Lockdown

Essay On My Experience Of Online Classes During Covid-19 Lockdown

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Essay On Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown In 500+ Words

The outbreak of coronavirus disease is a form of the pandemic which spread all over the world.

So, the lockdown has been implemented worldwide due to the coronavirus epidemic, which led to the shutdown of all services except the country’s emergency services.

Even the school and college have also been closed. and covid-19 pandemic transformed the way education was delivered.

Governments issued instructions to the school, college, teachers that all students be taught online at home during the lockdown.

So that the future of students does not decline and they can continue their studies.

The government did this for our safety.

I will always be thankful to my teachers and my Nation’s government for this decision in such a critical situation.

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Our school has been closed since the starting of this pandemic.

Most of the things we found to be impossible have now proven to be possible.

My experience from attending online classes during the coronavirus pandemic was good.

Nowadays we all are taking online classes on our Laptops, Tablets, Mobile, computers, etc., and enjoying these online classes, we can freely study anytime sitting in our personal space.

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Online classes allow me to be at home with my family and feeling safe also. in online classes with the help of some apps, we discussed our thoughts with our friends and can easily communicate with our teachers.

We all are studying new things in our free time, we can enjoy staying at home and taking online classes.

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We are all also giving many online tests using the internet.

And I don’t feel like, I am missing anything by taking online classes.

At first, I found the online classes a bit awkward.

Students felt difficulty in joining classes and my classmates forgot to switch off their and microphones during a session and we use to hear a lot of noise.

But over time, my school was able to adjust things quickly. My class teachers were great.

They organized each class in such a way, whereby I didn’t face any kind of disturbances later on.

I felt being online is a part of safety during the pandemic time.

We have no other option than to sit at home and listen to online classes.

Online learning helped me to gain the skill of adjusting myself in my works and to be disciplined.

I have also learned to be self-disciplined. and I think my productivity has improved with online learning.

I followed a strict plan according to my timetable. I was able to spend time with my family members.

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Overall, In my experience, online classes are so much good as compared to traditional classes during this crisis.

Due to online classes, I’m learned to become a successful distance learner.

Online classes do not only help me even also save my future, my life, and my school studies.

In the end, I would like to give hearty hands to all the faculty members for cooperating with us in a hard time.

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