Essay On Kho Kho Game In English | Kho Kho Game Essay


Essay On Kho Kho Game In English | Kho Kho Game Essay

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History of kho-kho game

Kho Kho Game is originated in India. In India, kho kho is one of the popular games and it is played in the entire country. Kho kho game is formulated by Sh. Hanumant Vijayam Prasad Mandal (Baroda).

But the kho kho game is popularised by a tournament which is organized by Akhil Maharashtra Sharirik Shikshan Mandal (1928).

In 1956-60, the first Kho Kho National Championship is hosted by Vijayawada district (Andhra Pradesh). Earlier this game was played on clay surface but now it is played on Tetron Surface to increase its pace.

Kho Kho Game is played by teams of 12 members who tried to avoid being touched by the members of the opposing team. Only 9 players of the team enter the field at a time.
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Rules And Regulations Of Kho Kho Game

The rules & regulations of Kho-Kho areas listed below:-
  1. Each team consists of 12 players, in which two teams of 9 players play against each other.
  2. Both teams play in four turns each turn has 9 minutes duration.
  3. When two turns are over this is known as innings.
  4. On the basis of toss, the captains choose running or to chase.
  5. The chasing team takes a sitting position.
  6. The chaser should not cross the center lane.
  7. The runner teams send players in a group of three players.
  8. Other players of the running team will wait for their turn in the entry zone area.
  9. When the runner team player declared out. The players should sit in the lobby according to their group.
  10. The substitution can be done according to the situation.
  11. The points are awarded by the legal touch of chaser to the running players.
  12. Chaser team players try to hold the running players while passing Kho from one player to another.
  13. Chaser player can change his direction by touching the pole or at the free zone area.
  14. Runners defend themselves from the chasers. The runners can move in a zig-zag, dodging and running behind the chaser.
  15. As soon as the first group of three players gets out the new group of three runners enters the playfield before two Kho afterward they are chased.
  16. When both teams have the same points at the end of the game then an extra inning shall be played, where time is compared to make one player out. The team with less timing will be declared the winner.
  17. There are few types of fouls they are as listed below:-
  • Early Kho without touch.
  • Changing of direction.
  • Line-cut early getup.
  • Kho not spoken.
  • Turning off the shoulder.
  • Late Kho.
  • A player has to give minus Kho who continues further.
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Dimension Of Kho Kho Game

  1. The court of Kho Kho is rectangular in shape. The total area required for this is 30 m * 19 m (It covers all sides of the lobby by 1.5 m).
  2. Playing Area 27m*16m (It consists of 1.5m*16m Free zone behind both poles)
  3. Pole distance 24m central lane joining two poles measuring 24m*30cm width.
  4. Cross Lanes are 8nos which is intersecting the central lane (each lane measuring 16m*35m).
  5. Pole size height (At Above From Ground Level 120cm-125cm, Diameter 9cm-10cm).

Skills For Kho Kho Game

  • Running Skills
  • Chasing Skills
  • Turning At Pole
  • Diving
  • Instant Decision-Making Ability etc.
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