Short Paragraph On My Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown

Short Paragraph On My Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown

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Write a Paragraph On Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown

Due to covid-19, school across the world is the shift toward online classes.

My online learning experience is completely different than what I am used to doing in the physical classroom.

No doubts online classes are a good method of teaching.

But, I like to be in a physical classroom than an online learning environment.

As soon as the lockdown started in our country.

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The government had directed that during the lockdown, the teachers should teach us at home.

So that students can continue their studies from home.

Our teachers started online classes to continue the studies of students. each and every teacher is given his/her best to make our concept clear.

Every student is not able to use electronic devices effectively, I’m also one of them.

But, after some time I’m familiar with this and can able to use it according to my needs.

And my teacher has been really working hard to improve the interface and quality of online lectures.

Teachers also put a lot of effort into teaching their students.

The teacher interacts with students in a very cool and interesting manner. that interacts more and more students with online classes.

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Essay On My Experience Of Online Classes During Covid-19 Lockdown

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In physical classes, my teacher can help me in case of any doubts.

But in online classes, I have to use the resource by myself and there is less communication with my teacher.

Even my concentration is lacking sometimes and screen time causes irritation to my eyes.

The teacher tries in every way to coordinate with us using various mobile apps.

Even they are taking our weekly test, to ensure the learning efforts are met by students and to enhance our answer writing skills.

Must Read  Essay On My Experience Of Online Classes During Covid-19 Lockdown

I am trying my best to be a good distance learner.

Sometimes my system is crashed and poor internet connectivity creates a mess in understanding the concepts.

Overall in my experience, online classes are better for those students who have proper gadgets, internet connections, etc.

But it may be bad for those students who do have not all these facilities.

So at last, I would like to say that we should always take part in online lectures.

It also increases our motivational level and modifies our power of learning different subjects.

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