Essay On Clean And Healthy India In English In 500+ Words

Essay On Clean And Healthy India

Essay On Clean And Healthy India In English

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Essay On Clean And Healthy India

Clean and Healthy India are complemented each other. Today in the field of health, the country has moved beyond the conventional approach.

Every health-related work in the country, where earlier only the Health Ministry was responsible, now all the departments and ministries, be it the Ministry of Cleanliness, the Ministry of AYUSH, the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, the Consumer Ministry

, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Or be it state governments, all people are working together for a clean and healthy India.

And along with preventive health, special emphasis is being given on affordable health care. Preventive health care is also the cheapest and easiest. And as much as we become aware about preventive health care, the person, family, and society will benefit.

Cleanliness is the first requirement to make life healthy. There is extensive work being done to build health and wellness centers across the country.

Yoga has made a worldwide mark as preventive health care. Yoga guarantees both fitness and wellness

. It is the result of the commitment of all of us that Yoga has become a mass movement today.

Nature has given us many gifts like mountains, waterfalls, trees, plants, fruits, flowers, fresh air, etc. But instead, we are only bent on ruining nature.

If we keep spreading such filth then what will be our future?

We have to take the first step to make a clean and healthy India, that too by changing our own thinking and behavior towards nature.



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According to the UNICEF survey, if the common man also promotes cleanliness, On average, every poor family can save about 50,000 rupees spent on the treatment of illness due to filth.

If we pay attention to small things then we can bring a big change in our life through cleanliness. Cleanliness is not only the government but also our campaign, by participating in it, we can contribute towards making Clean and Healthy India.

Good Health comes from cleanliness and hygiene. So, “Swachh equal to Swasth Bharat“. And Only a Clean India Can Be a Healthy India.

Development means not only the physical needs of human beings but should also be related to the improvement of social conditions of his life. And If you want to have a healthy body, then along with mind, body cleanliness is also essential.

However, a lot of money is spent annually on clean and health systems by the Government of India

. The truth is that with a growing population, keeping the country clean and healthy is emerging as a major problem.

As we all know, a clean surrounding is more important in a society. Our government has taken a step forward to the “Swachh Bharat Mission” And “Aatmnirbhar Swasth Bharat Abhiyan” to achieve the aim of “Clean and Healthy India“.

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