Essay On Electric Cars In 1000+ Words | Electric Cars Essay In English


Essay On Electric Cars In 1000+ Words | Electric Cars Essay In English

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Essay On Electric Cars In 1000+ Words


Electric cars” generally refer to road-going automobiles powered by electricity and it is propelled by one or more electric motor using batteries.

Electric motors give instant torque and smooth acceleration. its rechargeable batteries can be charged by common household electricity.

For the last several decades, the number of vehicles in the major metros city of the country has been continuously increasing, as a result, people of these cities are falling into the grip of pollution.

Along with this, the common people are getting upset due to the rising prices of diesel and petrol. To overcome these problems, scientists have found electric vehicles as an option.

In this era of the Corona epidemic, we saw how the presence of fewer vehicles on the roads during the lockdown has reduced carbon emissions and made the environment clean.

The use of electric vehicles will reduce pollution and import dependence on other countries for oils will also be reduced.

History Of Electric Cars

It was approximately started in the 1800s, it’s very hard to pinpoint the exact date, time, and who invented it because it was a combination of different times as well as different inventors.

In the 1900s, Some Inventors from Hungary, Netherland, and the United States were working on the concept of Battery-powered vehicles. They create a small scale of electric cars and the first electrical-carriage was created by a British inventor.

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Need Of Electric Cars

  • Contributes to cleaner air.
  • To preserve fossil fuels
  • Less maintenance.
  • More efficient.
  • Cost-effective.


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Working Principle of electric vehicles

  • The driver presses the accelerator which in turn, sends the signal to the controller.
  • When fully accelerated, the maximum voltage is supplied to the motor.
  • On releasing the accelerator, no voltage is supplied.
  • Two potentiometers are connected. When both potentiometers show the same deviation, voltage is supplied further and the car moves.

Types Of Electric Cars

There are three types of electric vehicles:

  1. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car
  2. Hybrid Electric Car
  3. Battery Electric Car

1. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car

  • Both electric motors and internal combustion engines needed to run the car.
  • A combustion engine is used only to charge the battery.
  • Rechargeable batteries- recharged by internal combustion and regenerative braking.
  • It has a larger battery pack that is plugged into the electric grid for charging, increasing the share of electric power used by the car.

2. Hybrid Electric Car

  • Uses a small electric battery to support the internal combustion engine.
  • Provides increased fuel efficiency.
  • The battery is recharged by both the gasoline engine and regenerative braking.
  • Regenerative braking captures kinetic energy to charge the batteries when the driver pushes the brakes.
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3. Battery Electric Car

  • Battery electric vehicles are fully-electric.
  • No internal combustion engine.
  • Needs a large recharge time (7-8 hours).
  • Car halts when the battery dies.
  • In order to run 80 plus mils, it requires a large battery ie., 18kwh to 36kwh.

Comparison between Electric Cars and Combustion Cars

  • Electric cars
  • Combustion Engine
Energy Produced by Batteries.The energy produced by the combustion of fossil fuels and petroleum.
The price of electric cars is slightly higher due to expensive batteries.Price is cheaper than that of electric vehicles due to cheaper parts.
It doesn’t produce harmful emissions and contributes to clean air.It produces harmful carbon emissions, therefore, polluting the air.
Running cost is low due to the lesser number of parts.Running Cost is High due to more number of parts and replacement of oils, etc.
Less carbon emission than Combustion Engine Cars27% more carbon emission than that of Electric Cars.


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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Cars

  • Advantages Of Electric Cars

  • Disadvantages Of Electric Cars

Cheaper to run because of the low price of electricity than petrol.The time required to recharge the batteries is more.
Zero harmful emissions, better for the environment.Lesser charging stations.
Nearly 100% recyclable batteries.More expensive than the combustion engine cars
Reduce noise pollution.The batteries provided are quite heavy increasing the net weight of the car.
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Impact of Electric Cars On the Environment

  1. Electric cars contribute to cleaner air.
  2. Reduced carbon emission hence less air pollution.
  3. Produced 27% less carbon (monoxide and dioxide) than combustion engines.
  4. The use of electric cars would reduce the amount of smog-forming pollutants which is produced by regular cars.
  5. An electric vehicle also provides a better option in the future to control global warming.

Conclusion (Essay On Electric Cars)

India is making a big push for electric cars. The reason behind this is the cost of petrol, diesel and air pollution. Many people think that electric vehicles are far better than Petrol and diesel vehicles.

The Government of India has decided to make the country a 70% electric cars nation by 2030. Thus the adoption of electric vehicles will not only reduce import dependence but will also improve local air quality. Adopting an electric vehicle will prove to be an important and ambitious step.

Therefore, it is necessary that proper policymaking should be given prominence in this direction, and work in the right direction should be taken forward so that electric cars can be used by the common people.

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