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Essay On Online Classes

Essay On Online Classes In 500+ Words

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Introduction (Essay On Online Classes In 500+ Words)

Education the basic foundation of our life. Every citizen should get a quality education. it’s also their fundamental right and needs.

We can divide the Indian education system into three parts: ancient education, education in colonial times, and education of modern India.

Due to the Revolutionary changes in the field of education after independence, the nature of education has changed from traditional to modern

Body (Essay On Online Classes In 500+ Words)

At present E-education means online education is becoming very popular.

Through online education, the teachers sitting far away are teaching children through the internet with the help of online platforms such as apps, Skype, zoom YouTube, etc.

Children can sit and listen independently to their teacher through a mobile, laptop, or computer.

online education provides the convenience of reading from home and it saves both time and money together.

There are many such apps in the online study such as video platforms, Google search engines, Blogs, YouTube, etc. which can be used to make the study even more interesting.

There are many ways by which teachers and students can share any file, PDF

with each other in a very easy way.

Even classes related to any subject such as cooking, crafting, drawing, paint ing, history, polity, geography, the current issue, etc

almost every subject is now being given online.

The online education system is a popular study of today’s Era.

Just as every object has two aspects. it is the same in the process of online classes, on one hand, it has immense benefits and at the same time, it has many adverse side effects which we cannot ignore.

The importance of online education has greatly increased in the Corona period. And a large number of people are also getting education through online classes

. but for online classes, students must have a computer or Smartphone and a proper internet connection.


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There are many children in the country who belongs to economically weaker families and do not have money to eat bread for two days. so where will he bring a computer or laptop or the Smartphone and internet connection?

There are many children in the country who belongs to economically weaker families and do not have money to eat bread for two days. so where will he bring a computer or laptop or the Smartphone and internet connection? online education becomes more difficult for those children.

Apart from this, the children who have these facilities are also disadvantaged by online education.

Because in online class students have to sit in front of the screen for many hours.

Sitting far, so long time in front of electric gadgets is also not considered good for health. hence, these Side Effects can be seen in the form of eye problems and a headache, etc


Along with this, providing the best internet facility in rural areas across the country for online education is also an important challenge.


The online class is a great option for those who are able to continue their studies while working or taking care of the home.

According to their convenience, they can get an education online. This is a new type of education that every country is adapting very rapidly.

There is also the most concerning point that somewhere good content can access via premium courses which are costly, so poor children are unable to buy them.


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Short Essay On Online Classes In 300+ Words

Online Classes Essay
Online Classes Essay

Online classes have become very popular with the advent of the Internet and the computer. it’s a very convenient way of learning.

Students operate online classes with the help of the smartphone, laptop, and personal computers.

Students can access online study material, join virtual classes, post question to teachers, Google blog, virtual exam, etc.

However, online classes have both advantage and disadvantage:

Some of the advantages of online classes are:-

  1. The student can access online classes according to their comfort and convenience.
  2. Through modern devices, online classes are a very easy process to provide education across the country from one place because anyone can access these classes from any place.
  3. A variety of programs and courses can be selected.
  4. People of any age can enroll in most of the online courses. almost the traveling time and the cost is also saved.
  5. Students have the flexibility of times which is one of the most important benefits of Online Classes.


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Some of the Disadvantages of online classes are:-

  1. The classroom interaction is missing because there is no face to face conversations between teachers and students.
  2. The teachers are not able to teach in a creative and dynamic way. most teachers give scripted lectures which are not beneficial for every student.
  3. There is a lack of discipline.
  4. There can be a technical problem with the computers or electronic gadgets.
  5. Poor Internet connection problem is also a major issue
  6. Many people cannot afford a computer, laptop, or smartphone Hence, online classes will not be so easy for every student.


Online education should not replace the traditional way of education. It cannot fully replace the human relationship that develops in a group.

In the traditional education system, students get knowledge with feels while attending online classes is like somewhere imagination but it is easy, cheap, and time-saving.

Overall, the online education system is best for students who are dedicated to self-study for competitive exams.

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