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Essay On Exploring Human Animal Relationship

Essay On Exploring Human Animal Relationship In 500+ Words

Essay On Exploring Human-Animal Relationship In 500+ Words

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Essay On Exploring Human-Animal Relationship In 500+ Words

The relationship between mankind and animals is similar to that of fishes with water. Whatever it’s social, business, or personal, animals play an extremely important role in the lives of humans.

Many people are so kind that they keep on serving animals without any selfishness.

Humans have been using animals to survive since before 100 B.C. animals have been protectors, companions, benefactors, co-workers, and even best friends.

Humans need animals in their lives to stay healthy, mentally and even physically.

Animals are used in everyday physical therapy to increase movement in the handicapped or elderly.

In ancient times, many works like farming, transportation, etc. were done by animals only.

From this, we can understand how precious the relationship between man and animals is.

Even today, there are many animal lovers who take care of very dangerous animals without caring for their lives.

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However, today’s changing times have provided opportunities for people to do many other things besides farming, due to which the tendency of human beings towards animals is showing a little less.

But even today people in the village have the same affection for animals as they used to have in ancient times.

Animals are the creation of nature just like we are.

We share the world with these creatures and they too deserve to live uninterrupted and to the fullest.

They do not cross their territory and attack only when provoked.

As they are also an important part of the food chain of nature and ecosystem, we must incline our self a little for their conservation and protection.

Animals are innocent. but since we humans are the most superior being due to our intelligence, we seem to dominate every other being on earth.

The living being depending on each other for one or many other reasons. The main argument for the protection and care of animals is strongly based on the concept of animals rights.

Animals have always played an important role in the life of humans.

Humans have always kept animals as pets for many years, although in modern times animals care and conservation issues have taken center stage in the media.

Even though the animals will still be there for you because they can understand when something terrible has happened, or you are sad or happy. they don’t run away from you. they stay right backside of you.

All things are created by god thinking, So, in the same way, the animals and humans are strong relationship bonding with each other.

Therefore, in the end, I want to say that animals and humans are like complements to each other because without animals the life of man is incomplete. And human has a very close relationship with animals.

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