Essay On Healthy Air, Healthy Planet In 500+ Words {Step by Step Guide}


Essay On Healthy Air, Healthy Planet In 500+ Words {Step by Step Guide}

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Essay On Healthy Air, Healthy Planet In 500+ Words

The environment is such a unique creation of nature in which all living beings – animals, humans, trees, plants, etc., live their lives. There is an environment on this planet, so life is easily possible here.

Environment plays an important role in the life cycle of all living beings i.e. in the birth of life, in the growth of life, in the development of life, in the nurturing of life, in the survival of life, etc.

That is, we can say that the environment plays an important role from bringing life into existence to living life.

This planet gives us clean air which is very important for respiration, clean water which is potable for all living beings, clean food which helps us to survive life, clean environment in which we live.

Or we can say that this planet provides everything we need.

As we know that there are many planets in this universe but out of them life is possible only on earth, so we should understand its value and keep it clean, healthy and green like our home.

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We exist because of this planet, if this planet did not exist, then we would not have potable water, no air for respiration, that is, our life would not have been possible.

As most of us know and understand its value, yet we do not pay attention to it.

Clean air is very important for almost all living beings to live life, but we human beings are engaged in polluting this clean air even after knowing and understanding its importance.

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We are polluting this clean air in many ways like by building factories, by vehicles, by pollution or we can say that we keep contaminating our environment or clean air with a maximum activity of our daily life.

Earth is our planet and it is very necessary for life to survive. Everything we need is available on this earth-like planet, using which we can live our lives.

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Today, the healthy air we are wishing for a healthy planet, God had already gifted us a healthy air and a healthy planet.

But we mankind kept on using it wrongly for our selfishness and benefit and today such situation has come that due to pollution it has become very difficult to breathe.

Due to pollution, our ozone layer is becoming very thin, due to which the harmful rays coming from the sun are coming directly on the earth, so many people are also suffering a lot from it.

If we want to create healthy air and a healthy planet again, then we have to give up our selfishness and attract the attention of all people towards nature.

If we have to get healthy air, healthy planet, then for this we have to first plant more and more trees so that our earth becomes green again and this will also maintain the balance of the environment.

If every person starts planting a tree every year on his birthday, then we cannot even imagine how many trees will be planted daily.

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With this, we will be able to achieve our dream i.e. healthy air, healthy planet very easily.

And we have to stop the cutting of trees and at the same time, we have to reduce the use of plastic, make our house around us pollution-free and try not to harm anything of nature by ourselves every day and Contribute something every day in making nature healthy, beautiful and green.

If we only start doing this work, then gradually but change will start coming and eventually we will be able to get healthy air, healthy planet also.

We hope that all the people who are reading this article will include it in their daily routine of life.

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