Essay On Science: A Good Servant But A Bad Master (Step By Step)


Essay On Science: A Good Servant But A Bad Master (Step By Step)

Hello Friend, In this post “Essay On Science: A Good Servant But A Bad Master“, We will read An Essay About A Good Servant But A Bad Mater in detail with an In-depth Analysis.

Essay On Science: A Good Servant But A Bad Master

Science exists for man; man does not exist for science. The aim of human life is a harmonious development of the faculties of knowing, feeling, and willing or doing.

Material progress, unless balanced, enriched, and refined by intellectual, moral, and spiritual progress, will not bring the satisfaction which all men seek.

What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

Nobody should question the importance of science. But this importance should not be given to science at the expense and sacrifice of
other vital things.

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As the poet says: Let knowledge grow from more to more, But more of reverence in us dwell.

To overfeed the mind and starve the heart is no part of wisdom. The final goal of life is not knowledge but wisdom.

So long as theoretical and applied science serve desirable material ends, science is a blessing.

Cheap and quick transport, electricity, time and labor-saving devices, progress in medicine and surgery, the gift of chemistry in the form of artificial manures and other very useful chemicals, atoms for peace, exploration of space for the advancement of knowledge, relieving human suffering in hundreds of ways, bringing in the age of plenty and prosperity- all these go to show that science is a goód servant.

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But if science is allowed to cause suffering and destruction, if it is let loose without the control dictated by moral and human considerations, then science becomes a bad master.

We may let science enslave, or keep in slavery, backward nations, we may let science result in colonialism and imperialism, we may let it become an instrument of mass destruction through nuclear weapons or rockets with nuclear warheads, we may let science become an instrument of mass poisoning and germ warfare, and then science will no more be a good servant but a bad master.

There is a story of an attempt to invent a liquid that will destroy every other object. When a villager saw some students of science engaged in concocting such a liquid he innocently asked them,

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But where will you keep it ?” We are also reminded of the story of King Midas whose prayer that whatever he touched should be transformed into gold was granted and with disastrous results.

To be morally backward but scientifically advanced is not a blessing but a curse. Like fire, science is a good servant but a bad master.

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