Persuasive Essay On Abortion In 1000+ Words (Step by Step Guide)


Persuasive Essay On Abortion In 1000+ Words (Step by Step Guide)

Hello Friend, In this post “Persuasive Essay On Abortion In 1000+ Words“, We will read an Informative Persuasive Essay on Abortion In Detail with In-depth Analysis. So, Let’s Start…

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before viability of the fetus before 22 weeks or in the fetal weight is less than 500 gm.
Abortion is what happens to a normal, non-viable fetus when carried to term (via a method called “induced abortion”) and the embryo dies due to miscarriage. A choice, but it’s bad and makes a woman’s life miserable.
This does occur but it is rare. The most common Cases of “induced abortion” are the spontaneous miscarriage that happens before the first trimester and even the surgical abortions which are not infrequent.
While these are not great outcomes, they are hardly catastrophic. To think of abortion as bad, it is better to not even bother with the science of pregnancy.
It is better to rely on general knowledge on abortion and how it affects the woman. It is worse if people stereotype women who have been through an abortion.

1)Abortion is the punishment that women suffer for sexual activity.

Now this one is a bit questionable. Once again, it presupposes that all sexual activity is equal. Most people have differing degrees of desire and are not interested in continuing with it if it is not going well.
So, assuming that everybody wants to have an abortion as a consequence of having sex, is the same as saying that all women who don’t want to have sex, should have one as a consequence. While that would be probably true of men too, the means and ends are not necessarily the same.

2)Abortion is the killing of a life.

This is also a bit dubious since abortion is a viable option. The truth is that abortion, and thus killing, are different concepts. Abortions are the complete and absolute ending of the existence of a living fetus while being alive at the time of abortion makes that a temporary existence, not an end.
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1) Two or more people are having sex, without a condom, and the result of it is the presence of a fetus. The woman may get pregnant through sexual activity. The partner may not want the baby and may have engaged in unprotected sexual activity.
If it is the first pregnancy and the woman gets pregnant through sexual activity, it’s safe to say the pregnancy is completely her fault. Even if the condom is intact, most of the pregnancies that result from unprotected sex are this way.
2) If the woman is a virgin, the woman may not want the baby or maybe not physically capable of having it. Pregnancy is a huge risk and any abortion should happen as a matter of last resort.
Women who are looking at long-term relationships have to consider the serious and significant financial costs of raising a child.
3) If the woman is using contraception, and she fails to use it, or when it fails, the fact that she did not want to be pregnant is no excuse. In fact, it is a much bigger punishment than she will ever know because she will spend a lot of time being mad at herself.
Since sex is not consensual, it’s right to question the fact that this is an example of abortion. This is a crime that deserves more serious punishment than having to think about short-term inconvenience.

Does abortion violate a woman’s right to reproductive choice?

In reality, women do not lose their right to reproductive choice. Women can still use contraceptives (the same ones they always have used) to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Abortions do, however, offer women an option to terminate a pregnancy.
While they may lose some of their reproductive choices, that can be remedied by choosing contraception, or making sure that the partner uses contraception, or if the woman is married or in a civil union, taking precautions that will prevent pregnancy. Or by simply abstaining from having sex for some period of time.

Does abortion violate a woman’s right to privacy?

The anti-abortion movement would have us believe that if a woman has an abortion she loses her right to privacy. But the abortion issue does not arise from a violation of privacy rights. In fact, the reason that most women have abortions (in the US at least) is that they want the child.
Not because they do not want the baby. These same anti-abortion campaigners have nothing but praise for women who keep their baby and give it the best care. They just think that abortions should be illegal.

Does abortion violate a woman’s right to autonomy?

Many people believe that when a pregnancy results from an unwanted sexual act, the woman is no longer an autonomous agent who can make decisions about what she does with her body.
This is not true, and as this paper has shown, when a woman decides to have an abortion she is choosing to bring an unwanted pregnancy to an end.
1) When a pregnancy results from rape, or sex without a condom, or even if the woman is not actively sexually active, she still has the right to self-determination. The woman still has the right to make decisions about her own body.
She still has the right to make decisions about her fertility, and she still has the right to choose to have a child or not. Women are humans and pregnancy can result from many reasons, including accident, rape, or unexpected pregnancy.
2) In the United States, abortion does not violate a woman’s right to autonomy. A woman who is raped and wants to terminate her pregnancy has the right to have that abortion.

Does abortion violate a woman’s right to choice? {Persuasive Essay On Abortion}

Not really. If the woman has her reproductive choice, which is an inherent part of her human right to autonomy, she still has the right to choose to have an abortion.
If pregnancy is unplanned, and the woman is also under duress, then perhaps it is better to accept the pregnancy and raise the child rather than abort it. Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term, for example, because of economic necessity, would also be wrong.
The burden of bringing a child to term should be on the father, but at the very least the responsibility should fall on the father as his child would have no biological ties to him.
If we really think about it, abortion is really no different from giving birth. Both women and men get pregnant, and both people choose to have a baby. Both have the right to be involved in the process.
Finally, because both abortion and giving birth take on similar impacts on women’s lives, it would not be a great idea to change the definition of a pregnancy from the point of fertilization onward.
This would give women more legal rights over their bodies, and will not change the fact that women will still have the right to make these decisions for themselves.
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