Essay On Racism In English In 500+ Words (Step by Step Guide)


Essay On Racism In English | Racism Essay (Step by Step Guide)

Hello Friend, In this post “Essay On Racism In English | Racism Essay“, we will read about Racism in detail as an Essay. So, Let’s Start…

Essay On Racism In English In 500+ Words

Racism is a set of prejudices that are caused by a person’s attitude towards another person’s race. It is one of the most vicious and irrational forms of discrimination.

Racism affects people of all races, from those with privileged backgrounds to those without. Racism comes in many forms. This could be prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping, and hate speech.

Racism is one of the biggest problems in our world right now and it really shouldn’t be so what exactly is it. racism is when people are cheated unfairly because of their race, culture, or religion and it’s a problem everywhere.

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It is strictly illegal to treat someone racist, most of the time the racist feels various is more superior to the other.

Racism comes in many-many different forms it can be bullying, Renner verbal threats or vandalism like graffiti or damage to property, and sometimes racism can be physical assault.

Racism can happen anywhere even at home, a survey of 2380 people aged 13 to 17 showed that 89% of them hit either experienced or witnessed racism. 43% of it was at school and 33% of it was online in the form of cyberbullying.

And the other 13% were just scattered everywhere else but school and the Internet are the two places racism occurs most. Racism is not something we’re born with there was only one way to settle this problem.

A survey that would make the best out of both worlds kids and adults. I surveyed 17 of my classmates first and asked them all the same question (Do you think people get more or less racist as they grow up).

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70.5 percent of them said that you get more racist with age all of the reasons were very interesting most of them said that it was because adults are more critical and judgmental of others which personally I agree with it completely.

I also surveyed 10 adults the results were somewhat similar, 80% of them said that you get more races to stage, the reason that was repeated several times was that racism is a learned behavior and it’s not something we’re born with.

For example, if you lived in a non-racist environment, you would just naturally be less racist. Now, that you know what it is you have to do your part to help people cope with racism and it’s so simple. it can be a little comment just to cheer them up.

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But the most important thing is to never stand by telling the races they’re wrong nobody has the right to be treated this way and it’s your job to make sure of that if you want to crank it up a notch you could participate in community anti-racism practice.

Just remember though that no matter how little it is, hope is always appreciated there’s only one way to humanity. As Abraham Lincoln said the achievement has no color and he’s absolutely right, Do your part make change racism might not be over but I’m definitely over racism.

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