Essay On Clean Fuel Healthy Environment In English


Essay On Clean Fuel Healthy Environment In English

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Essay On Clean Fuel Healthy Environment In English


Fuel is very useful and necessary for our life. We need fuel for cooking to driving. Without the help of fuel in the modern era, our life seems completely incomplete.

Fuel is very important in our daily life but most people use non-renewable sources such as petrol, diesel, crude oil, coal, etc. for fuel which causes great harm to our environment.

Using clean fuel is very important to keep the environment healthy and safe.

What is clean fuel?

Clean fuels are those fuels whose carbon intensity is lower than the standard. Examples of clean fuels are various types of biodiesel, natural gas, organic gas, propane, and hydrogen, etc. These are called renewable sources of fuel.

Whereas conventional fuels are the source of fuel by which a large amount of pollution is caused due to which the environment is damaged.

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Conventional fuel is a threat to a healthy environment?

The use of conventional fuels is a major threat to a healthy environment. If we look at the situation today, then the level of pollution is going forward in a very terrible way.

Especially in Metros City, the situation is out of control, one of the main reasons is the use of non-renewable sources of fuel. Such source of energy release large amounts of smoke and contaminate the atmosphere.

Evidence of this fact is that due to the lockdown at the time of the Corona epidemic, there was a drastic reduction in pollution levels in the metros city as well as in the entire country.

The rising temperature of the atmosphere suddenly came in decreasing order. This makes it clear that the movement of vehicles on the roads during the lockdown was negligible.

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All factories were closed, due to which the use of fuel was also stopped. That is why nature started to make itself healthy and the environment was healthy. But now after the lockdown was opened, human abuse on nature continues.


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Need for clean fuel for a healthy environment

The use of clean fuel is very important to achieve a healthy environment. Because clean fuel is produced from natural resources.

Therefore, it does not have any harm to our environment. Clean fuel resources are renewable, their sources are never exhausted.

Whereas non-renewable fuel sources are made available through mining. Therefore, such sources will be gradually eliminated.

This is why the government is placing so much emphasis on low fuel consumption. The biggest advantage of clean fuel is that it does not emit toxic smoke when used.

An example of this is CNG gas. CNG gas-powered vehicles are much less polluting than diesel, petrol, etc. and CNG vehicles are useful for a healthy environment.

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An example we can take is that if the use of conventional fuels such as wood, coal, etc. in cooking creates a large amount of smoke, which affects the environment as well as the health of the cook.

But LPG is a pure and clean energy source that provides equal and controlled usability. In addition, the use of solar energy is a better option for cooking.


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Clean fuel is a never-ending source that does not harm our environment in any way.

The government is also striving to bring alternative fuel sources by prohibiting the use of conventional sources.

Therefore, to achieve a healthy environment, we should emphasize the use of clean fuel along with reducing fuel consumption.


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