The Miserable Mill Summary | Summary Of The Miserable Mill


The Miserable Mill Summary | Summary Of The Miserable Mill

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The Miserable Mill Summary {Step by Step Guide}

This is a story about three orphans named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, who, having escaped Count Olaf from stealing their family fortune, move in with their relative who owns Lucky Smells Lumbermill.
At the lumber mill, they meet some of the workers, including the optimistic Phil and demanding Foreman Flacutono.
The children are immediately forced to work in the mill and conditions are hard since the workers are only fed once a day and paid in coupons.
The children meet their legal guardian, known as Sir, and his business partner, Charles, and Sir wants the children to continue working until Violet is of legal age to inherit the Baudelaire fortune.
Foreman Flacutono trips Klaus, which breaks his glasses. Charles takes Klaus into town to Dr. Orwell, the local optometrist, to get a new pair of glasses as Violet and Sunny worry about him all day.
Klaus returns to the camp later that evening, but he acts as if he doesn’t remember anything. The following day, Phil gets injured in a machine accident and is taken to the hospital.
Klaus’ glasses are broken again and the children visit Dr. Orwell.
When the children arrive at Dr. Orwell’s office, Klaus gets examined and the children recognize the receptionist, Shirley, as Count Olaf.
Klaus gets hypnotized again by Dr. Orwell and there’s nothing the children can do.
When the children return to the lumber mill, Sir threatens the children that if they cause one more accident, they will be given to Shirley, who convinced Sir to give her the children if they ever caused trouble.
Klaus goes back to work, while Violet reads about hypnosis. Violet and Sunny return to the lumber mill and find that Klaus is operating a saw under the orders of Foreman Flacutono that is about to cut Charles in half.
Violet figures out that Foreman Flacutono is controlling Klaus with the keyword, “lucky.” As Violet and Foreman Flacutono fight over control of Klaus with the keyword, Dr. Orwell and Shirley appear and command Klaus to kill Charles.
However, Violet figures out the keyword to snap Klaus out of hypnosis. As fighting ensues, Klaus saves Charles, and Dr. Orwell is killed by the saw.
Sir calls Mr. Poe, a Baudelaire family friend, and they finally discover that Shirley is Count Olaf and Foreman Flacutono is his accomplice.
In the end, Count Olaf and his accomplice run away and Mr. Poe takes the children away to a boarding school.
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