The Vile Village Summary | Summary Of The Vile Village In English


The Vile Village Summary | Summary Of The Vile Village In English

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The Vile Village Summary {Step by Step Guide}

The Baudelaires are still trying to rescue Duncan and Isadora Quagmire, children who were kidnapped by Count Olaf, and stay with a man named Hector, a friendly handyman who lives under the Nevermore Tree, a tree where the crows gather each evening.
As the Baudelaires share their story with Hector, Hector shows them a piece of paper with a poem on it that he found at the foot of the Nevermore Tree that morning.
The Baudelaires believe the poem was written by Isadora Quagmire. The next morning, the Baudelaires find another poem.
As part of the agreement for VFD to be guardians of the Baudelaires, the children must do chores for the entire town.
As they are cleaning a giant bird statue, the Baudelaires are told by the Council of Elders that Count Olaf has been captured and will be burned at the stake.
However, when the Baudelaires see the man be burned at the stake, they see that the man is not Count Olaf, but a man named Jacques Snicket.
The Baudelaires go back to Hector’s house and devise a plan to save the Quagmires, free Jacques, and escape from Count Olaf.
Sunny waits at the Nevermore Tree for the next poem to arrive, Klaus begins reading about the rules of VFD, and Violet helps Hector build his hot air balloon home.
The next morning, the Baudelaires try to stop the Council of Elders from burning Jacques at the stake, but it’s revealed that Jacques died in jail the previous night.
Detective Dupin investigates the scene and concludes that the Baudelaires were responsible for the murder.
However, the Baudelaires recognize that Detective Dupin is Count Olaf.
The Baudelaires are arrested and taken to jail, where Detective Dupin explains that he only needs one Baudelaire child to inherit their fortune and plans on burning the other two.
The Baudelaires escape the cell by breaking the brick wall and figure out that the Quagmires are in the Fowl Fountain by deciphering the poems.
Sunny, atop her sibling’s shoulders, push the eye of the statue, which opens a secret hiding place within the statue that’s hiding the Quagmires.
The townspeople approach in the distance with torches and firewood so the Baudelaires and Quagmires run to Hector’s house, but he isn’t there.
Just as the townspeople are about to take the Baudelaires away, Hector appears in his hot air balloon home and all the children grab the rope ladder.
Officer Luciana, a local official, begins firing harpoons at the hot air balloon home, causing the Baudelaires to fall back to the ground.
As Hector and the Quagmires drift away, the Quagmires drop their notebooks that contain notes on Count Olaf and the secrets of a secret society called the VFD.
However, the notebooks get hit by a harpoon, sending the pages flying everywhere.
When the townspeople figure out that Detective Dupin is really Count Olaf and Officer Luciana is actually Mrs. Squalor, an accomplice of Count Olaf’s, the two of them escapes on a motorcycle.
In the end, the Baudelaires walk out of town not knowing where they will go.
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