Can Money Buy Happiness Essay | Essay On Can Money Buy Happiness {Step by Step Guide}


Can Money Buy Happiness Essay | Essay On Can Money Buy Happiness {Step by Step Guide}

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Can Money Buy Happiness Essay In 500+ Words

Can Money Buy Happiness
Can Money Buy Happiness


Money can buy food, not hunger, money can buy his bed not sleep, money can buy his blood not life, money can buy a stock not time, money can buy his position, not respect.

Hence, it is true that we need money to survive in this society but we should always remember money is not everything. So, we should not put it above all our ones.

Body Part of this Essay

For the longest time, there has been a debate as to whether money can buy happiness or not. I believe that money cannot buy happiness. but…

Money can indeed buy happiness if we’re spending it right. So, the question is not how much money we have or how much money we make but what we do with the money that’s available to us.

Research shows for example that people are happier if they spend money on others rather than themselves or if they spend money on experiences rather than material goods and this is great because those are two very simple but very powerful ways in which you can actually make your money work for you and your happiness.

It can buy things that will get you far in life but there always be a need for family, friends, time, intelligence, and other intangible ideas in your life.

Having the whole world of your fingers does not guarantee happiness, a good example of this is Robin Williams.

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Robin Williams was a beloved actor who brought laughs to people of all ages and was loved by most people. he had a great career, family, and friends and was doing well financially in life.

In 2014 he took his own life which created nationwide grief for the beloved actor. even with things in life that would make most people happy there was still a hole in his life that money could not fix.

When celebrities commit suicide, it often leaves many people wondering, why they should be happy that they are rich with money and fame and why is that not enough.

This goes back to the things that money cannot always buy such as health, friends, and family. And time is another idea that money cannot buy, time is a battle many people are fighting right now.

All the money in the world cannot buy anyone more time, it can be the difference between happiness and sadness. when it comes down to it, money cannot buy the things in life that complete or fill a hole in your life.

Money is a temporary fix that rarely keeps people satisfied their whole life. however, there are different circumstances where someone’s happiness is determined by how much money they have.

Education plays a large part in someone’s happiness without an education it is hard to find a good job that could make a career.

College is extremely expensive and not everyone can afford to go but want to go attending college is something that defines someone’s future.

If someone is denied the ability to go to college due to financial reasons the state of mind can be changed and scare someone away from that happiness.

Money is also very important in the health care industry, people can be rejected from receiving medical help based on income and insurance.

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This can be extremely dangerous, especially to people who are in desperate need of medical attention. having the money for medical treatments would definitely bring happiness into many people’s lives.

Even having the money to support your family and pay for expenses such as food, water, and electricity can keep families happy knowing they are able to financially support themselves.

These are all situations where money can make and break a person their stability and their happiness.

Conclusion Of Can Money Buy Happiness

Although there are many scenarios where money could buy happiness for many people. I ultimately believe that money cannot buy happiness.

Despite the many materialistic things people think will make you happy there will still be a void in oneself not on everyone but many people that money will not be able to fix and could cause unease or unhappiness in one’s life.


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Money Can Buy Happiness Essay | Can Money Bring Happiness Essay In English

Can Money Buy Happiness Essay
Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

In today’s world, everything has to do with money, we have all heard the phrase money makes the world go round.

How much money you make, how much you spend, and the things that you have all measure your status in society but the truth is money cannot buy a person’s permanent happiness.

This Essay can money buy happiness, it states that money can bring temporary happiness but it often leaves people feeling discontent with themselves and constantly searching for more.

What makes me happy may not make you happy, happiness varies from person to person.

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Experts say that once basic human needs are met such as having food, shelter, and water humans are constantly searching for more.

People think that If I make more money, I can have more things and I’ll be happier but more money does not lead to more happiness because people often overestimate, how much pleasure they’re gonna gain just from having more things materialistic items.

Money cannot buy the emotional connections and eternal bliss that people need in order to actually be happy. money only causes their desires and wants to increase with their wealth,

this means the more you make the more you’re going to spend which means you’re constantly gonna feel like you don’t have enough and the materialistic items that you do spend your money on are only temporary.

Experts also say that the more you make the more you want and the more you spend but along with making more money comes more stress and more comparison.

Your friends, your family, and having healthy stable relationships will make you happier than having the newest best thing that’s on the market. he also says that happiness can come from working hard towards a goal.

Humans are constant competitors whenever you’re working hard towards a goal you’re often going to be happier because you’re better than your old self you’re bettering your old self and you’re competing with the person that you used to be.

Research also states that people who spend money on others rather than themselves are often happier than selfish people who keep it all for themselves.

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