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Life Of Pi Chapter 37-46 Summary

Life Of Pi Chapter 37-46 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

Life Of Pi Chapter 37-46 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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Life Of Pi Chapter 37-46 Summary

Note: In Part 1, Pi was a boy trying to get respect from his peers and adults. Also, he was trying to love God. He was growing and learning.

His father had taught him about the dangers of animals and humans. His mother had taught him the value of books. Mr. Adirubasamy (Mamaji) had taught him to swim.

Pi, himself, figured out how to be called “Pi” instead of “Pissing,” but he gave up part of his given name to do so.

In that way, he broke a little away from Mamaji and his parents. In Part 2, Pi will give up much more on his way toward manhood.

Life Of Pi Chapter 37 Summary

The chapter begins without any details of Pi’s time on the Tsimtsum. It begins with shocking words, “The ship sank.” Next, we see Pi already in the lifeboat, calling out to Richard Parker who was swimming nearby. Pi is glad to see a face from his past, and he wants his family.

Pi cries out, “Every single thing I value in life has been destroyed. Am I allowed no explanation?… Pi throws a life buoy to the only memento from his past… Richard Parker.

Richard Parker grabs the buoy. Pi suddenly realizes that his “friend” from the past could kill him. Pi tries to push him away with an oar, but he is unsuccessful.

Truly, Pi’s brother Ravi had been right that day their father had them watch a tiger eat a goat Pi could be the next goat! Pi had just helped Richard Parker, an adult Bengal tiger, get onto the lifeboat! It is then that Pi reveals there was a zebra in the boat. Terrified of the tiger, Pi jumps overboard!

Life Of Pi Chapter 38 Summary

The story goes back to the days before the ship sank. Pi had loved the trip, marking the route from Madras to Singapore, and To Manila on his map.

In Manila, they got “fresh feed, new cargo, “and had “routine maintenance work” done on the engines. Pi’s father also got a new chimpanzee which Pi thought was meaner than a gorilla.

Pi says they left Manila, and halfway to Midway, they sank. He thinks there was a problem with the engines. He thinks there was an explosion that woke him up, but it was a very noisy ship.  It was four-thirty in the morning. He got dressed to check things out and tried to wake Ravi.

Ravi just shook his head. Pi left the cabin, not knowing he would never see his brother again. Pi decided to let his parents sleep, too.

It was raining and windy, but Pi wasn’t worried. It was a huge ship. Then he saw the ship was leaning far over to one side. The lifeboats were dangling.

He ran back toward the cabin. The stairway to his cabin, to his family, was blocked by water!

Pi looked for help and found some crewmen. He told them he couldn’t get to his family and asked for advice. One man handed Pi a life jacket and an orange whistle. Then they picked him up and threw him overboard!

Life Of Pi Chapter 39 Summary

Pi fell onto the lifeboat followed by a zebra. Pi landed on a tarpaulin, but the zebra landed heavily in the boat.


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Life Of Pi Chapter 40 Summary

The story now moves forward to when Pi jumped into the water to get away from Richard Parker, the tiger. Pi grabs a floating oar and life buoy. He sees a shark’s fin and pulls himself out of the water by sticking the oar into a loop holding the tarp.

Life Of Pi Chapter 41 Summary

The Tsimtsum completely sinks, and Pi looks for other survivors. He becomes exhausted and moves toward the boat. He doesn’t see the tiger, but he sees the head of a hyena poking up from under the tarp!

Pi decides the tiger must have fallen off of the lifeboat. The hyena must have been under the tarp all the time! He thinks the sailors were not trying to save Pi by throwing him into the boat. They had been hoping to distract the hyena with Pi and then use the lifeboat for themselves.

Life Of Pi Chapter 42 Summary

Pi is happy to see Orange Juice, a mother orangutan from the zoo, floating to him on a net of bananas. He is sorry, though, that she will probably not survive long. She, like Pi’s mother, had two children. Pi knew her well.

Orange Juice climbs into the lifeboat. Pi saves the net, but not the bananas. Spiders that had been on the bananas went to a watery grave.

Life Of Pi Chapter 43 Summary

Pi thinks people must be rushing to help survivors. Surely, a message got out. Pi waits to be rescued. The hyena whines, the zebra groans, and Orange Juice rest.

The hyena begins pacing, looking at his fellow passengers. Pi’s father had warned him about hyenas. They attacked fiercely and would eat anything- even each other!

Life Of Pi Chapter 44 Summary

The hyena paces all day, snapping at flies that must have come with him. Night falls and terrible sounds come from the hyena and zebra. Pi
worries about Orange Juice and knows that the battle for life is occurring in the lifeboat, just as it constantly does under the lifeboat.

Life Of Pi Chapter 45 Summary

Daybreak – Pi looks for a rescue ship. He thinks of Ravi greeting him and teasing him about keeping animals with him even in a lifeboat.

He thinks of his father being tired and his mother hugging him. Then Pi sees with horror that the hyena has eaten the zebra’s broken leg while the animal still lived!

The adult Pi says he still thinks of that zebra every time he prays because he did nothing to help. Pi says, “When your own life is threatened, your sense of empathy is blunted by a terrible, selfish hunger for survival.”

Pi sees the orangutan, which looks remarkably like a seasick human. She and the hyena ignore each other.

That afternoon Pi sees a hawksbill turtle that becomes a friend. Pi thinks the turtle’s shape odd for being in the water; it is so different from fish.

Pi thinks, though, that it is Pi, himself, who is “the odd one out.” Pi tells the turtle to go to a ship and tell the crew where Pi is.

Life Of Pi Chapter 46 Summary

Pi must spend his second night at sea. At sunset, mako sharks circle the boat. Then Orange Juice approaches. She, too, seems to be looking for her family her lost children.

Suddenly, the hyena goes crazy. He begins tearing the flesh off the still-living zebra. The zebra tries to defend himself but is too weak. Orange Juice does not ignore the fight.

She stands up to her full height and raises her long arms. Pi says he “began to tremble uncontrollably” because he was so afraid the hyena would attack Orange Juice.

Blood spattered into the water. Sharks knocked into the boat. Pi, was afraid they would capsize, but then Orange Juice “turned away.” Pi lost all hope and accepted that his family was dead.

Pi says that when you lose your brother, you lose the person you could talk about your youth within old age. When you lose a father, you lose guidance. When you lose a mother, you lose the sun. Pi cried all night, and the hyena ate.

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