Life Of Pi Chapter 18-28 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

Life Of Pi Chapter 18-28 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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Life Of Pi Chapter 18-28 Summary

Life Of Pi Chapter 18 Summary

When Pi was fifteen, he was exploring his hometown. He saw the Jamia Masjid (mosque) but did not go in. Islam, like Christianity, was known for few gods and great violence.

Pi met a Muslim baker at a nearby shop. The baker offered Pi some round, white, unleavened bread and invited Pi into his house. There were two rooms, one for the bakery and one for the man’s bedroom.

While the baker explained how to make the bread, the call-for-prayer sound came out of the mosque. The man immediately got his prayer rug and began to pray. His praying was very physical: standing, bending. kneeling.

Life Of Pi Chapter 19 Summary

Pi went to see the baker again. The baker told him that Islam was about “The Beloved.” Muhammad was loved by his followers, and Islam is full of “brotherhood and devotion.

Pi went to the mosque with the baker, listened to the imam, and prayed. Pi knelt and touched his head to the floor just like
the baker did, and Pi felt a deeply religious contact.

Life Of Pi Chapter 20 Summary

The baker’s name was Satish Kumar. It was a common name, so it was not unusual that he would have the same name as Pis former biology teacher.

Satish Kumar, the atheist religious Muslim baker biology teacher seeking union with God’s understanding through Science Pi said both Mr. Kumars were his prophets.

Pi felt close to heaven two times: once in India after praying while looking at the sea and once in Canada when seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary. Pi says, “The presence of God is the finest of rewards.”

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Life Of Pi Chapter 21 Summary

One day, after visiting Pi, the author sits in a cafe and thinks about two of Pi’s phrases: “dry, yeastless factuality” and “the better story.

The author writes his own thoughts: “the founding principle of existence is what we call love.” The author says God’s silence is “confounding,” but adds that there is a trusting sense of presence and… purpose.”

Life Of Pi Chapter 22 Summary

The author writes that a dying atheist might see, white light and make “the deathbed leap of faith.” The agnostic would see the light, accept the “dry, yeastless factuality” of not enough oxygen in the brain, and miss “the better story.”

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Life Of Pi Chapter 23 Summary

One lovely, hot day, sixteen-year-old Pi was walking along the seaside with his parents and brother. They met Pi’s priest, imam, and Hindu pandit (religion teacher). Each of the religious leaders had heard rumors about Pi.

Pi’s parents were shocked when the priest wanted to know why their son was going to a temple, the imam wanted to know why Pi was crossing himself, and the pandit wanted them to know their son “had gone Muslim.”

Pi describes the meeting with those he called the “three wise men” in a very funny way. None of the three knew that Pi had accepted all three religions.

Each thought that Pi was a true believer, but each thought he believed in just one religion – the one each had taught him. Everyone met up unexpectedly.

Pi’s father had been more interested in finance than religion. Pi’s mother had been brought up as a Hindu but had gone to Baptist schools, so they had canceled each other out. His brother Ravi was only interested in cricket. Pi had not discussed religion with his parents.

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The imam asked Pi if it was true that Pi went to church, mosque, and temple. The imam said Hindus and Christians were idolaters. The Hindu pandit said Muslims had many wives.

The priest said, “Piscine, there is salvation only in Jesus.” Then the men began to rudely criticize one another’s religions.

Pi’s father reminded Pi’s teachers that everyone had “freedom to practice” any religion. All three “wise” men yelled at Mr. Patel, “Yes! Practice singular!” Each held up an index finger to show the number one.

The Hindu pandit told Mr. Patel that Pi must choose a religion that he could not accept all three. Pi said Gandhi had said that all religions are true.

No one knew what to say because Gandhi’s statue was just down the street. Pi said he just wanted to love God. Mr. Patel said that was what
they were all trying to do. No one could disagree, so Mr. Patel suggested that they should all go get ice cream.

Life Of Pi Chapter 24 Summary

Ravi teases Pi and says Pi should join three more religions and be on holiday every day of his life.

Life Of Pi Chapter 25 Summary

Pi saw that people who claimed to be religious, but who never did good works, certainly loved to get angry about anything they thought was an insult to God.

Some people tried to keep Pi out of the church, mosque, or temple because he practiced more than one religion. He changed Christian churches and went only at crowded times to the temple.

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Pi thought people should spend their energy on helping others and looking into their own hearts.

Life Of Pi Chapter 26 Summary

A few days after the unexpected meeting with the “three wise men,” Pi asked his father to allow him to be baptized and to get a prayer rug. His father tried to get him to choose one religion, but Pi wanted three.

His father told him to ask his mother. She was worried about him being interested in “old-fashioned things” and suggested he occupy himself by reading Robinson Crusoe.

Pi said if Mamaji could have more than one passport, Pi could have more than one religion. Pi wondered how many nations were in the
sky. His mother thought one or none.

Note: Robinson Crusoe is a book about a castaway who survived on a tropical island.

Life Of Pi Chapter 27 Summary

Pi’s mother lets him be baptized and have a prayer rug. Neither of his parents understands his interest in religion. His father thinks progress is unstoppable and religion will be left behind.

Mr. Patel does not like the current Indian government of Mrs. Gandhi. He hopes her rule will end, and Mrs. Patel says that Pi’s interest in Islam could end, too. Mr. Patel can accept Hinduism and Christianity, but Islam is foreign to him.

Life Of Pi Chapter 28 Summary

Pi tells the author that he wishes he still had his prayer rug because Pi loved praying outside, surrounded by nature. Pi found his baptism “refreshing,” but his parents were uncomfortable.

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