Life Of Pi Chapter 12-16 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}


Life Of Pi Chapter 12-16 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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Life Of Pi Chapter 12-16 Summary

Life Of Pi Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter 12 is important because it describes a visit to the adult Pi’s house by the author. We learn that Pi gets upset sometimes when he is
telling his story.

“Richard Parker still preys on his mind,” writes the author. We also learn that Pi loves spicy food, which the author eats, but then his stomach rebels.

Life Of Pi Chapter 13 Summary

Pi says, if you fall into a lion’s pit, he will eat you because you invaded his territory NOT because he was hungry or aggressive. An animal trainer dominates animals by becoming the super alpha.

Animal trainers enter empty cages and then let animals in. This makes animals see trainers as leaders – as animals like themselves, but as alpha animals.

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Trainers use their brains to control animals which are much stronger than humans. Pi mentions Mr. Hediger, a director of the Basel Zoo
and then the Zurich Zoo, who said superiority is gained by intimidation.

Life Of Pi Chapter 14 Summary

This chapter uses the human Greek alphabet to show the social ranking of animals.

A = (Alpha) leader
B (Beta) strong and dangerous
Γ (Gamma) also strong and dangerous
Ω (Omega) weak and therefore loyal followers

Life Of Pi Chapter 15 Summary

The adult Pi’s house is like a temple. When the author visits Pi to interview him, he notices two items in Pi’s entrance hall: a picture of the Hindu god Ganesha on one wall and a cross on the facing wall.

Ganesha overcomes obstacles, brings good luck, shares wisdom, and educates followers.

In Pi’s Living Room, Next to the sofa, there was a picture of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and a photo of the Kaaba, the holiest place of Islam, filled with people.

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In Pi’s living room, on the TV set, there was a statue of Shiva as Nataraja. When Nataraja’s foot goes down, time will stop.

There is a shrine in a cupboard in Pi’s kitchen. You may want to read more about Hindu gods: Ganesha, Krishna, and Parvati.

Pi has another Virgin Mary in his dining room, another Ganesha in his office, a suffering Christ on his wall, a prayer rug, an Islamic holy
book, and a Bible on his bedside table.

Life Of Pi Chapter 16 Summary

Pi says We are born without religion. We need to be introduced to God. Many people seem to lose God along life’s way.

Pi’s mother and her older sister – Auntie Rohini took Pi to the temple for his first outing. His aunt said it was a samskara – a Hindu rite of

Pi was born into Hinduism. His story shows him going through various rites of passage events that change his status along the path of his life.

Pi talks about his body and spirit feeling comfortable in Hinduism, about his need for his “hunger” for “Prasada” which is a Hindu ritual where the person cooks food for God who blesses it so that the person can eat it and be blessed.

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Religion is more than rite and ritual. Life makes sense to Pi because of Hinduism. Brahman, the world soul, is atman, an individual’s soul.
In Christianity, too, an individual’s soul longs to connect with God.

We must not be jealous or possessive of God. Pi tells a story of women dancing with Lord Krishna. When they each tried to keep him, he vanished.

Christians, Hindus, and Muslims all want to understand the universe and join their souls to the cosmic soul.

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