Life Of Pi Chapter 8-11 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}


Life Of Pi Chapter 8-11 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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Life Of Pi Chapter 8-11 Summary

Life Of Pi Chapter 8 Summary

Chapter 8 begins with Pi talking about the terrible things zoo visitors do to zoo animals. As a result of visitors’ cruel actions, many animals suffer terribly and die.

In an effort to prevent animal abuse, Pi’s father set up a curtain and a sign challenging visitors to see the most dangerous animal at the zoo. Behind the curtain was a mirror!

One Sunday morning, Pi’s father told Pi and his brother Ravi that he had a lesson to teach them. The boys’ mother was there too, and
she was uncomfortable.

They all went to the cage of Mahisha, a Bengal tiger who weighed 550 pounds. Santosh Patel wanted his sons to know how dangerous tigers are.

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He did not want his boys to ever reach into the cage. Santosh had a man put a terrified goat into the tiger’s cage. The goat soon became a bloody meal. The boys and their mother (Gita Patel) were very upset.

Then Santosh took the family to all of the animals’ cages and explained the dangers of each animal. After that day, no one ever forgot how dangerous tigers and other animals are.

Santosh ends the lesson on a happy note. He lets Pi hold a harmless guinea pig. Pi is still sad, though, because he and the rhinos have a lost a friend – the innocent goat.

When their father had said that he had a lesson for his sons, Pi had thought that he might have been angry at Ravi for misbehaving. As a result, Ravi is mad at Pi.

Ravi tells Pi that Pi will be “the next goat.”

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Note: Hmmm – Humans or animals? Which is more dangerous?

Life Of Pi Chapter 9 Summary

In Chapter 9, Pi discusses the characteristics of animals.

Chapter 9 begins with Pi explaining that zoo keeping is an “art and science” concerned with reducing an animal’s “flight distance” – the distance at which an animal wants to keep an enemy.

To reduce flight distance, a zookeeper like Pi’s father had to get to know his animals, and then he had to control the items the animal needed: food, shelter, and protection.

Life Of Pi Chapter 10 Summary

In Chapter 10, Pi explains that zoo animals will try to escape if their enclosure does not meet their needs, if they were not young when brought to the zoo, or if that “madness” or wildness that all living things have causes them to seek escape.

Pi says animals escape from something – not to something. They do not want to leave the known for the unknown. Once an escaped animal finds a safe spot, it is only dangerous to that which comes between it and safety.

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Life Of Pi Chapter 11 Summary

In Chapter 11, Pi proves his point that escaped animals are not aggressive. He talks about an escaped black leopard who survived for two
months outside of Zurich without hurting anyone.

Chapter 11 ends with Pi saying something confusing that the reader will have to figure out in later chapters. He says, “And they expected to find – ha! In the middle of a tropical Mexican jungle, imagine…What were they thinking?

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