Essay On Two-Child Policy In India | (2) Two-Child Policy In India Essay

Essay On Two-Child Policy In India | (2) Two-Child Policy In India Essay

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Essay On Two-Child Policy In India {Step by Step Guide}

During this time, over-population is a vital problem around the world. In India, the population plays a major role in the development of our economy but Nowadays somewhere we face the problem of scarcity of resources due to over-population.

India is the second populated country in the world after China. According to the census of 2011, India’s population is 1,210,193,422 which is roughly 130 million fewer than China’s present population.

Due to increases in the population, India faces so many problems such as unemployment, illiteracy, scarcity of resources, environmental issues, low wages, and many more.

So In India, some state governments decided to bring a two-child policy in their state to control the problem of overpopulation.

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In Assam, the state government has said that if any person has more than two children after 2021 then they will not enjoy the government job, allowances, subsidies, and also they will not be eligible to contest elections.

In that case, Assam is not only one state that can make this law but some other states such as Haryana, Punjab, Odhisa, also make this law, and after sometimes they will amend it or destroy it.

In 2021, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath take an initiative to bring the 2 child policy named “UP Population control bill 2021” to control the problem of over-population in UP.

Because UP is the most populated state of India and Suppose, If UP is a country then UP is the 5th largest populated country in the world.

Benefits of Two-Child Policy | Advantages of Two-Child Policy

  • To control the population.
  • To increase employment opportunities.
  • To Reduce the poverty level.
  • To increase the literacy rate.
  • To increase the life standard.
  • To increase the per capita income.
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Disadvantages Of Two-Child Policy.

  • Increase in the abortion rate.
  • Inequality in gender ratio.
  • Lack of Freedom to making decisions about their child planning.
  • mandatory contraception and sterilization policies.
  • Abandonment of the female child, etc.

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Benefits of 2 child policy Especially for Government Employee

Public servants under the control of the state government, who adopt the two-child by undergoing voluntary sterilization operation upon himself or spouse shall be given the following benefits.

  • Two additional increments during the entire service.
  • Subsidy towards the purchase of the plot or house-site or built house from housing board development authority as may be prescribed.
  • 3% increase in the employee on tribulation fund.
  • A couple living below the poverty line who have only one child and undergoes voluntary sterilization shall be eligible for payment of one time 80 thousand if the single child is a boy and 1 lakh if a child is a girl.
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Steps were taken by the government:

  • It shall be the duty of the government to include a compulsory subject related to population control in all secondary schools.
  • To ensure contraceptives are available to regional rates at all subhealth centers in the state.
  • The government has the responsibility to increase the awareness among the people about it.


To control the population and improve living standards, the government should be required to implement a two-child policy effectively as soon as possible.

As a citizen, we should take responsibility to follow this policy and spread the awareness about this. So, we can able to control the over-population issue.

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