Essay On Child Marriage | Child Marriage Essay | Causes & Solutions


Essay On Child Marriage

Hello Friends, Jai Hind, In this post “Essay On Child Marriage | Child Marriage Essay | Causes & Solutions”, We will read about Child Marriages  It’s Causes And solutions as an Essay in detail.

Introduction (Essay On Child Marriage)

27% of girls in India get married before their 18th birthday. India ranks first in terms of the number of girls married under 18 years of age.

Child marriage cases in India are found more in rural areas as compared to urban areas. The rate of child marriage is generally high in central and western parts of India.

The rate of child marriage in the districts of Rajasthan and Bihar ranges from 47% to 51%. and Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of child brides.

In 1970, about 75% of the women were married before the age of 18 while at present the rate is 27%.

Effects Of Child Marriage

  1. Being denied the right to own development due to child marriage.
  2. Promoting female inequality.
  3. Violation of fundamental rights like education, health, and safety.
  4. Increase in population due to child marriage.
  5. Increase in maternal mortality and infant mortality from child marriage.

Causes of Child Marriage

  • Girls are considered a burden and responsibility in Indian society.
  • Child marriage is encouraged by the practice of dowry,
  • Crimes against women also promote child marriage.
  • Non-provision of free education in higher education for girls older than 14 years of age is also a reason for child marriage.
  • During the “Corona period“, a large section of the workers have migrated from the cities to the village and school has been closed for a long time, due to which the number of child marriages is also increasing.
  • The desire for a son as a child in India is usually found in every family. Repeatedly giving birth to children to get a son increases the number of daughters in some families. In such a situation, if the family is financially prosperous and provides education opportunities, then there is no problem. Otherwise, in poor families, child marriage is considered as the last option.
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Steps Taken to Stop Child Marriage

Before independence, organizations like Brahma Samaj and Arya Samaj put the problem of child marriage in front of people.

In 1860, it was declared a crime in the Indian Panel Court to have physical relations with a girl under 10 years of age.

Through the Age of Consent Bill 1927, marriage with a girl under 12 years was made illegal.

Through the Child Marriage Prohibition Act 1929, the marriage age for girls was 14 years and for boys 18 years.  The act was enacted in 1930 by Lord Irwin. It is also known as the Sharda Act in the name of “Harvilas Sharda”.

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In 1978, Sharda Act was amended to set a minimum age of marriage of 21 years for boys and 18 years for girls.

The Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006 was enacted after independence, through this Act, child marriage is a non-bailable offense.

India is committed to eradicating child marriage by 2030 under Sustainable Development Goal 5.3.

India ratified the “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women” in 1993. and India is a member of the South Asian Initiative “to end violence against children“.

In 2014, SAARC countries committed to “Kathmandu call for action to end child marriage in Asia“.

The government has also formed the “Jaya Jaitley Task Force” to end child marriages.


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Conclusion (Essay On Child Marriage)

The problem can be solved only when it is considered a problem, so there is a need to acknowledge at the level of society that child marriage is a problem.

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At the government level also, some provisions are needed to promote girls in higher education. For example, education can be made compulsory for 18 years.

And marriage registration should be made compulsory at the time of marriage so that child marriage can be prevented.

The government can issue a toll-free number to give information about child marriage. or Before getting married, it should be necessary to take permission from the police station. So that child marriage can be avoided.

Along with empowering women, there is also a need to make them aware so that they can avoid exploitation.

Illiteracy and poverty are mainly responsible for child marriage. Our effort should be to eliminate both these problems. By adopting all these methods we can emerge from a serious disease like child marriage.

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