Essay On Self Reliant School for Self Reliant India In 350+ Words


Essay On Self Reliant School for Self Reliant India In 350+ Words

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Self-reliance is the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. Self-reliance means developing the right skills and capabilities to do one’s activities without depending on outside support.

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Self-Reliance is having confidence in our abilities and being able to do things for ourselves. Covid-19 pandemic has taught a lesson to the world that being self-reliant is important.

In terms of teaching and learning, I want to share my ideas on making me and my teacher’s Self-Reliance (Aatmanirbhar) when the schools are not fully functional due to covid-19.

I should avoid blaming the situation like the covid-19 pandemic and take corrective actions on my own. I should develop the ability to think independently. I should follow strategies and tips that can help in learning.

I should understand the purpose of learning by setting targets. I should plan efficiently in the learning process. I should build confidence in teachers and their method of teaching.

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On the other hand… Teachers must create a safe and positive learning environment. Teachers should be proactive in forming an action plan and implementing it. Teachers should develop their skills of teaching especially at times of online teaching.

Teachers should customize the templates, content-related videos, whiteboards, etc.., Teachers should know about their strengths and limitations. Teachers should have a positive attitude and they should learn from their mistakes.

In this pandemic time, teachers must be self-reliant and they should encourage students to be self-reliant. This encourages emotional strength and helps to face challenges like the covid-19 pandemic which ultimately results in Self Reliant School for Self Reliant India.

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