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Essay On My Contribution to Earth In English

Essay On My Contribution to Earth In English

Essay On My Contribution to Earth In English

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Essay On My Contribution to Earth In English

As we all know that earth is the only known planet having life in the universe. So we should respect and maintain everything we get from our mother earth. The name “Earth” is derived from both English and German words, “Ertha” and “Erde”, respectively. which means ground.

Have you ever thought about how we would walk if there is no earth, there will be no water to drink, there will not be animals living here and of course no cultivation, So no food to eat? This means to say that the life of humans, as well as other living beings, can not be imagined without earth.

It is our responsibility to make it livable. the present fury of nature on earth makes us introspect what earth was earlier, now what it is. To make the earth for better living we are ready to face any challenges posed to us.

To conserve the earth many efforts have been made by planting trees, recycling things, banning plastics, taking measures to avoid soil erosion, by harvesting and cultivating crops in a more meaningful way by using technology.

70 % of our earth is covered with water. water needs to be conserved. Lots of efforts have been made by us towards this by proposing linking of rivers. another important element on earth is air.

Air we breathe should be pure. we have been contemplating this since from a long time and efforts are in to reduce pollution. Another important part of the earth is trees.

Trees are essential to conserve nature. Trees make the earth cooler. Growing of trees activities has been taken and we hope this will bring down the water scarcity problem.

Recently the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned of the imminent danger to our earth’s environmental health if we continue to ignore global warming and climate change.

The report of the panel has claimed that “The risk of extreme events has risen since the 1970s”, and that “The risk of extreme heat, cold, drought and floods has risen in many regions of the world since the 1970s”.” Climate change affects and severely affects all living creatures and there is no way we can develop without eradicating climate change.

Global warming has been accelerated by our excessive use of energy and producing and consuming plastics which degrades the environment further.
Though we still continue to focus on our selfish comforts and we have taken shortcuts and incurred heavy costs in terms of safety, security, and stability, the fate of our earth can be no different.
The necessity for us to stop using fossil fuels in every way possible is here now. The climate crisis is real and the solutions are within our grasp.
There are countries around the world, such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, France, and a few more where renewable energy is entirely cost-effective and the land suitable for planting trees.
I hope and pray that our leaders pay heed to the message and understand that there can be no compromise. Climate change and global warming are real and unless we face them now, we may lose the chance to save the future of our children.
We cannot leave them a world that may have to face a crisis, with endless conflicts, wars, and natural disasters. Climate change is here now, it is an immediate threat to our survival and development as a human species and unless we act now, the climate crisis may take the very existence of our species.
Let us wake up from our deep slumber and fulfill the promise of our natural heritage, which is ours as human beings. Let us not simply talk about climate change. Let us all act now. We have no other chance to save our future.
Now that we have set up a Climate Action Room at our premises and are actively involved in observing the holidays, the need of the hour is to play our part in growing a healthier and safer environment for our future generation.
We must understand that climate change is an inevitable result of our actions. There is no alternative. We are responsible for the quality of life we leave to our future generations.

Every year we celebrate earth day, Earth day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held in April 1970.

As humans, we are uniquely qualified to appreciate the wonders of nature. So spend this earth day in appreciation and the opportunity to remind yourself of why our planet is worth protecting. Nature is its own best spokesperson.

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