Plagiarism In Speech: How Can Students Face Serious Consequences?

Plagiarism in Speech: How Can Students Face Serious Consequences?

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Plagiarism in Speech: How Can Students Face Serious Consequences?

Most students associate plagiarism with writing alone. In universities, when you copy another person’s ideas on a piece of paper, only then you are accused of being a plagiarist.   

What about copying others while giving presentations, university speeches, society events, professional workshops, and project demos? All of this comes under the category of speech plagiarism. 

Like written plagiarism, it is also intellectual dishonesty that has its short- and long-term consequences for students. It restricts their intellectual growth and limits their potential.

Types of plagiarism in Speech

Plagiarism in Speech How can students face serious consequences

  • Global Plagiarism

It means copying an entire speech of someone else and claiming it to be your own. It is blatant thievery and completely unacceptable at any level.

  • Patchwork plagiarism 

It means combining two or more speeches in your speech and presenting them as your own words. Students usually do it when they’re ill-prepared on presentation days.

  • Incremental plagiarism

It occurs when students fail to give credits for any specific part of their speech or while quoting someone else.  This occurs when they are defending undergraduate or higher thesis or research work in front of the panel.

What causes speech plagiarism in Students? 

Any talk of eradicating speech plagiarism is useless without addressing its causes. According to our research, these are the reasons which compel students toward speech plagiarism.

  • To Pass the Exams

In universities, the criteria to gauge a student’s ability is their grade.  Often, hardworking students fall into this trap. Instead of presenting their thoughts on a subject, they tend to copy their seniors or other peers during subject Viva or presentations. 

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To overcome that, educational institutions should make a conscious effort to encourage the students to speak their minds.

  • Procrastination

The students who have a habit of procrastination are prone to committing speech plagiarism. You can only speak your mind on a subject when you have thought it through in your head.

Unfortunately, procrastinators never do that. And after that, there is only one way to avoid the trouble: speech plagiarism.

  • Fear of public speaking

If you are afraid of public speaking, you will always rely on the words of other people during your speech. Fear doesn’t allow people to become strong enough to speak their thoughts.

For some students, going on stage is like entering enemy territory. The stage fright diminishes their thinking prowess, so they rely more on memorizing stuff.  

How can students face serious consequences?

Speech plagiarism entails grave consequences. This section explains the various ways in which it can damage the students.

Plagiarism in Speech How can students face serious consequences

  • Low/Avg Grades

Although it sounds a bit cliched, the world only respects originality. If you are copying others, that means you don’t have any personal insights on the subject.

That means you can’t stand out in viva or presentations. The examiners will think of you as a part of the herd with no unique ability. 

  • Subject Failure

Speech plagiarism can land you in great trouble if it gets caught. In higher classes, the students have to defend their projects in front of external examiners.  Speech plagiarism can put your research work at serious risk.

When presenting in front of the panel, a student is judged by qualified professionals who are familiar with quality research on their specialized subject. If you present research without giving any credits or citations, you’re likely to be caught. 

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The examiners detest such behavior. And if they think that your whole presentation is plagiarized, they can give you an F, asking you to reappear in the exam.

  • Destroyed Public Reputation

Speech plagiarism can harm a student’s reputation. In universities, students are required to speak at university societies, professional workshops, and convocations. If he gets caught copying from others, it results in public disgrace.

One of the most eye-opening events of this sort occurred this year during the commencement ceremony of Duke University in Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham

At that event, a student named Prakash made a speech that had a striking resemblance to Sarah Abushaar’s  2014 Harvard University commencement speech.

The plagiarism was immediately caught, and it created a huge backlash. The university administration started its internal investigation and the speaker had to publicly apologize for it as well.

So, in the modern world, you can not escape the camera. Every spoken word is being saved by digital devices. Therefore, every speaker should speak his mind or be prepared for public humiliation at some point.

  • Limits Growth

Speaking is among the most powerful tools humans have. If you can learn how to prove your point in a debate, you can become deadly in life. We all have heard of famous oxford union debates, where students have gained cult-like fame in an instant. 

Students copying speeches can never learn the art of speaking. If you want to get the highest marks in presentation or become the leader of any university society, you need to become better at speaking your power.

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Be it life or university, every position of power is unlocked by your ability to speak. Everyone should give themselves in this regard.

  • Lower Self-confidence

Students guilty of speech plagiarism are bound to have low self-confidence. The belief in your abilities comes when you put yourself to the test. And then constantly try to upgrade yourself while rising above the failures.

Plagiarists struggle to face the music. At times, memorized content can save you in the initial round but during cross-questioning, this great escape doesn’t work. And you get caught in no man’s land.

How to get rid of speech plagiarism?

To get rid of speech plagiarism, students must learn how to paraphrase speeches in their own words. They can use an online rephraser to learn this art.  Thanks to their advanced NLP programming, they can professionally rewrite any content.

Plagiarism in Speech How can students face serious consequences

While quoting other research, students need to provide citations with every reference. This should become their second nature.

With constant practice and patience over a period, you can become an expert in public speaking

Final Words:

Plagiarism in Speech is a stain, every student should be wary of it. It can cause loss of grades, subject failures, and public embarrassment. Doesn’t matter what reasons you might have; speech plagiarism is not a solution.  

We suggest students seek help from peers and various online paraphrasing tools to get this habit out of their system.

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