Village Cooking Channel Biography, Owner, Place, Salary, Family Photos


Village Cooking Channel Biography, Owner, Place, Salary, Family Photos

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Village Cooking Channel Biography, Owner, Place, Salary, Family Photos

Village Cooking Channel Biography

Six men from Chinaveeramangalam a village in Puthukottai district Tamil Nadu.
They are Subramanian, Murugesan, Ayyanar, Tamil Selvan, Muthumanikan, and Periatambi, All of them are farmers.
In every year almost the first 6 months, they will do agriculture and next six months they use to go for some other work some among the six were planning to go abroad for good jobs.
At that time all of them took a decision to start a cooking channel initiated by Subramania and then they started VILLAGE COOKING CHANNEL.
First eight months they struggled to get at least 100 viewers per video But they were not willing to give up they continue uploading videos.
One day they found winged termites in childhood they use to fry them by keeping all their old memories they made a video on frying termites that video changed their fate.
And this video became viral and they got a plethora of viewers also got views for their old videos. Then they were flying high, this led them to fame.
Do you want to know, who came to have Mushroom Biryani which they made? the real RAHUL GANDI…
That video still has 35+ plus million views Until that day weekly subscribers were 10000 after the arrival of RAHUL GANDI that shifted to 40000 per week.
Now they have achieved the dream of 10 million subscribers. By holding the diamond play button in their hands Subramanian said:
I have seen many videos of unboxing and celebrating the diamond play button but we never thought that we will do that first in TAMIL.
thank you for supporting us.
After getting 10 million subscribers we decided to do a good deed. Today the biggest problem faced by our country is Corona. Our state government is fighting Corona in different ways.
We wanted to help our government and also ensure that the help reaches the people who deserve it.
We met the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru. M.K. Stalin in person, and handed over a cheque for Rs.10 lakhs to him.
The six of us have helped individually. But this Rs.10 lakhs has been given from the amount we earned from Youtube, on behalf of all of you, our subscribers and well-wishers, Due to this donation many people will benefit.
Even if one person blesses us for this help, we pray to God that the blessing reaches all of you and your families
Yes, this youtube channel is the first in south Indian village cooking channel that got 10 million subscribers and a diamond play button.

What is the secret behind their success?

The reality of life, good people, and unity is the secret of their success.
They are one, no ego in between them they never spoke I am big you are small they got this great success because they worked as one.
Not finished yet they use to prepare food for needy people and serve to them.
Now on their 10 million achievements, they donated 10 Lakh rupees to CMDRF.
If they stopped videos after the first eight months they would not have achieved this If you don’t have a mind giving up then only we can achieve.
Today village cooking channel is an inspiration factory for those who want to achieve something in their life.
Now their videos have millions of viewers, they all are from the village, farmers. For success, it doesn’t matter from where we are and who we are, never our education matters, never give up.
Where ever we are, if we continue to fight one-day success will come to us wait for that day.

Village Cooking Channel Owner

Village Cooking Channel Owner Name is given below:

  • Subramanian
  • Murugesan
  • Ayyanar
  • Tamil Selvan
  • Muthumanikan
  • Periatambi
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Village Cooking Channel Place

Village Cooking Channel Place are: Chinnaveeramangalam is a village in Puthukottai district Tamil Nadu.

Village Cooking Channel Salary

Village Cooking Channel Salary & Income is estimated at $5-6 million in a year.

Village Cooking Channel Family Photos

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