Write a letter to your friend explaining your reasons for choosing the courses you’re studying in secondary school

Write a letter to your friend explaining your reasons for choosing the courses you’re studying in secondary school


Dear [Name of Friend],

I hope you are in excellent health and spirits as I write this letter. We haven’t spoken in a while, and I wanted to use this chance to share with you the reasons for my decision to pursue the specific courses I am in secondary school.

It is critical that we make informed decisions that match our passions, objectives, and future goals as we traverse our academic journey. In this letter, I will discuss the motivations and considerations that influenced my course selection.

1. Interest and passion

First and foremost, I am convinced that pursuing courses that actually pique my interest is critical to a fruitful academic path.

I chose secondary school subjects that align with my interests. For example, my interest in mathematics and problem-solving drove me to pursue advanced maths courses.

Similarly, my interest in reading and narrative led me to pursue a degree in English literature, which allows me to dive deeper into the realm of words, imagination, and critical thinking.

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2. Personal Strengths

Another critical issue is selecting classes that match my strengths. By concentrating on things in which I naturally excel, I may lay a firm foundation and attain success.

Recognising my aptitude for logical reasoning and analytical thinking, I chose computer science and physics classes.

These disciplines not only challenge my mind but also provide important abilities that are in high demand in a variety of professional domains.

3. Career Aspiration

Secondary school is a critical stage in moulding our future jobs. While it may appear premature to make final judgements at this point, I believe that choosing courses that fit with my job goals is critical for long-term success.

I chose biology and chemistry courses because I am interested in health care. These classes provide a thorough understanding of the human body and the fundamental principles of medicine, which will serve as a firm basis if I decide to pursue a career in medicine.

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4. Versatility and Broadening Horizons

In addition to following my passions and thinking about my future goals, I recognise the value of a well-rounded education.

Choosing a diversified set of subjects allows me to delve into new areas and broaden my horizons.

I obtain a comprehensive understanding of the world around me through studying disciplines such as history, geography, and economics.

These classes help me improve critical thinking, empathy, and a global perspective by providing insights into the past, present, and future.

5. Academic Flexibility

Secondary school is a time of personal development and self-discovery. Choosing a course mix that provides academic flexibility helps me to explore other academic routes and change directions as needed.

While I have a strong idea of my chosen subjects, I also understand the value of remaining flexible and adaptable.

This strategy allows me to pursue new interests and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the professional environment.


To summarise, selecting secondary school courses is a critical decision that builds the groundwork for our future academic and professional endeavours.

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We build a strong framework for personal and intellectual growth by pursuing subjects that ignite our enthusiasm, complement our talents, fit with our career goals, offer variety, and encourage a well-rounded education.

As I pursue my study, I am thrilled about the prospects and challenges that await me. I hope this letter has given you a better understanding of the motivations and factors that led to my course selection.

I’m excited to hear about your personal experiences and decisions.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

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