The Hostile Hospital Summary | Summary Of The Hostile Hospital

The Hostile Hospital Summary | Summary Of The Hostile Hospital

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The Hostile Hospital Summary {Step by Step Guide}

This is a story about three orphans named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire who are on the run after being accused of murder.
The Baudelaires have been trying to escape a man named Count Olaf, who has been trying to steal their family fortune after their parents died in a fire.
The Baudelaires stumble across a convenience store and when the store owner mistakes them for murderers, they catch a ride with a group of people called the Volunteers Fighting Disease, a group of volunteers who cheer up patients at the nearby Heimlich Hospital.
The Baudelaires end up working in the Library of Records with a man named Hal and live in the unfinished side of the hospital.
The Baudelaires really want to read through the files related to the Snicket fire, but everything is cataloged in a confusing way and the files are locked at night.
The Baudelaires steal the keys from Hal and look through the files only to find one page under their name.
However, Mrs. Squalor, one of Count Olaf’s accomplices, enters the Library of Records and chases the children, knocking over the file cabinets and separating Klaus and Sunny from Violet.
Violet is captured and Klaus and Sunny learn that she will be undergoing a craniectomy to remove her head.
Klaus and Sunny disguise themselves as surgeons and end up carting in the unconscious Violet in front of a theater of doctors.
Because Count Olaf’s associates don’t recognize Klaus and Sunny, the children are asked to perform the procedure. After delaying the surgery to cut off Violet’s head, Klaus and Sunny are exposed by Mrs. Squalor.
Klaus and Sunny escape with Violet and the entire hospital are evacuated because the Library of Records has caught fire. The Baudelaires escape through a window as Count Olaf and his associates prepare to drive away.
In the end, the Baudelaires hide in the trunk of Count Olaf’s vehicle as Count Olaf speeds away, hoping to find the missing file on the Snicket fire.
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