The Grim Grotto Summary | Summary Of The Grim Grotto


The Grim Grotto Summary | Summary Of The Grim Grotto

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The Grim Grotto Summary {Step by Step Guide}

This is a story about three orphans named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, who are trying to escape Count Olaf, a man who wants their family fortune.
As they float down a stream, the Baudelaires encounter a submarine, the Queequeg, which is captained by Captain Widdershins, a man who speaks very fast and never likes to hesitate.
The Baudelaires board the submarine and meet the crew, Fiona, Captain Widdershins stepdaughter, and Phil, a man the Baudelaires know from working at Lucky Smells Lumbermill.
Captain Widdershins asks for Baudelaire’s help in getting to the upcoming VFD meeting and searching for a very important sugar bowl that was tossed in the stream.
Violet works on repairing the submarine, Klaus reads tidal charts, and Sunny cooks in the kitchen.
The submarine is taken out to sea and navigated toward where the currents most likely swept the sugar bowl.
The submarine’s sonar picks up an approaching submarine in the shape of an octopus that is controlled by Count Olaf, but it swiftly speeds away because of a large, mysterious object in the ocean.
Klaus believes the sugar bowl drifted inside an underwater cave that is filled with poisonous fungi.
Captain Widdershins navigates the submarine down the cave as far as it can go and the Baudelaires and Fiona suit up in diving suits and follow the current deeper into the cave.
Eventually, they reach an opening and look around for the sugar bowl.
However, the entire area is covered with fungi so they begin looking around at the artifacts near them, including a newspaper clipping that makes Violet hesitant of Fiona.
After the fungi recede back, the group put on their diving suits and swim back to the Queequeg.
When they get back to the Queequeg, Captain Widdershins and Phil are gone.
Fiona then notices that inside of Sunny’s diving helmet are signs that the poisonous fungi have begun to grow, which makes Sunny very ill.
While Violet wants to help Sunny, Fiona takes command of the submarine and orders Violet and Klaus to start the engines while she figures out an antidote for the poisonous fungi.
However, Count Olaf’s submarine approaches and swallows the Queequeg. Count Olaf laughs as he sends the Baudelaires and Fiona to the brig to be tortured by a hook-handed man.
However, it’s revealed that the hook-handed man is actually Fiona’s brother, Fernald, who had defected from VFD to join Count Olaf.
Fernald agrees to help them go back to the Queequeg if they take him with them. The Baudelaires make it to the Queequeg and figure out that the cure for the poisonous fungi is horseradish.
They give some wasabi paste to Sunny and she feels better. The Baudelaires receive a telegram from Quigley Quagmire, a friend, with instructions that they should go to Briny Beach.
Just as the Baudelaires are about to leave, Count Olaf catches them and it’s revealed that Fiona has joined his gang.
After Count Olaf and his gang loot the Queequeg, Fiona lets the Baudelaires escape in the Queequeg.
In the end, the Baudelaires arrive at Briny Beach and are greeted by Mr. Poe, a family friend, but choose to get in a taxi with a woman named Kit Snicket.
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