The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Summary {Step by Step Guide}


The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Summary

Today we’ll be talking about The Great Gatsby Chapter 6. So at the beginning of this chapter, a young man comes to Gatsby’s door asking Gatsby for a statement.

Gatsby asks the young man what the statements are about and the young man doesn’t know what it’s about but he was just sent there to get a statement.

Nick speculates that he was sent there because of all the party-goers and all the rumors that had been spread about Gatsby.

Nick also talks about something about Gatsby that he didn’t find out till much later.

Gatsby had actually changed his name when he was 17 years old. His old name used to be James Gatz.

James Gatz or ‘Gatsby’ came from a poor farming family and Gatsby had always been ashamed of that.

When James or ‘Gatsby’ was about 17 years old he was sitting on a beach at Lake Superior when he first saw his best friend Dan Cody.

Dan Cody was an older guy who was chilling on a yacht.

When Gatsby saw him Gatsby knew that he wanted to be like this guy and so he sort of created his own personality after this guy.

Gatsby went around sleeping with a bunch of women and lying to people about what he did for a living eventually Gatsby, faking to be this rich guy, ran out of money and he had to be a janitor at a church.

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After making some money being a janitor he went back to the beach where he finally met Dan Cody.

Dan Cody sort of took him under his wing. Dan had made his millions in the copper mines.

Slowly as Gatsby and Dan became more and more friends Dan started to will money to Gatsby.

One day a woman named Ella Kaye, who I’m guessing is Dan Cody’s wife, showed up on the yacht.

Dan Cody had a drinking problem and after she showed up he drank himself to death.

Gatsby was supposed to receive $25,000 after Dan died but Ella took everything all of the millions of Dollars that Dan had, Ella took it.

The whole thing that Gatsby had told Nick earlier about how his family died and him inheriting money was a total lie.

After Nick learned about Gatsby’s past he didn’t see Gatsby for a few weeks.

He kind of needed to let it sink in because Gatsby had lied to him.

Nick would spend most of his time in New York City with Jordan.

Eventually, Nick decided to go back over to Gatsby’s house and talk to him.

When Nick went over he was surprised to see Tom Buchanan there.

Tom Buchanan and Gatsby almost seemed like they were friends.

Tom invited Gatsby to go horse riding and Gatsby said that he didn’t have a horse because he rode a horse during the war and it reminded him of his old horse.

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Tom leaves with guests and that night everybody when over to Gatsby’s for a party.

Daisy comes over to Gatsby’s party and this time Tom comes with her.

Because he’s suspicious of her.

Tom Buchanan gets to the party and Gatsby introduces Tom as the ‘Polo player.’

He knew that this would aggravate Tom because he was a Football player and not a Polo player.

At the start of the party, Gatsby was sort of showing Tom and Daisy everyone who was at the party.

After a while, Tom asks Daisy if he could go hang out with some guy who was funny.

Daisy knew that he was going to go Hit on some girl.

The rest of the night Daisy watched as Tom slowly made moves on this chic.

It came time to leave and Tom said that he thought Gatsby was in the bootlegging business.

Daisy objected to this and Tom said that Gatsby must have struggled to put on such a big party.

Tom said that he was going to make it his life’s mission to find out what Gatsby did for a living.

Daisy lied to him and said Don’t bother because he’s in the drug store business.

Daisy and Tom left the party and Gatsby asked Nick to stay so that he could talk to him.

After the party sort of dies down Gatsby came up to Nick and said that he felt like Daisy hated the party.

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Nick sort of lied and said that she had a good time, to be honest Daisy did have a miserable time because the whole time she was stressed out that her husband was hitting on another woman.

Gatsby sort of explains further that he wants things to go back to the old way and that

he’s going to do anything possible to make it just like how it was 5 years ago.

Gatsby sort of wants Daisy to just tell Tom that she’s never loved him and just to run off with Gatsby.

Nick tells Gatsby that things can’t return to the past like they were.

Gatsby says, “Of course they can.”

Gatsby says that he’s going to make everything like how it was.

And Gatsby says, “She’ll see.”

At the end of the chapter, it does a flashback to when Gatsby and Daisy first kissed.

Gatsby had been running around with a lot of women and when he decided to kiss Daisy

he knew that that would be the last woman he would ever fall for and that concludes the chapter.

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