The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Summary {Step by Step Guide}


The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Summary

At the beginning of chapter 4, Nick talks about how he’s constantly looking over at Gatsby’s house. he said anybody from senators to Prince from other countries to New York dancers would go to his parties.

One morning at 9 o’clock Gatsby drove up to Nick’s house and home to the horn, this was the first time that Gatsby had ever come to Nick’s house.

Nick had been over at Gatsby’s several times he had already been to two of Gatsby’s parties.

He went hydroplaning with Gatsby and he used Gatsby’s Beach at Gatsby’s request but this was the first actual time that Gatsby had come over to his house.

Nick docked at Gatsby’s car because it was so nice nick says that he had tried to have deep conversations with Gatsby but Gatsby would sort of pushing him out and have really superficial conversations.

He says because of this he thought Gatsby wasn’t really a person of substance. Gatsby tells Nick that they’re going to lunch.

As Gatsby and Nick driving to lunch, Nick says that Gatsby was acting a little odd. Gatsby couldn’t seem to finish his senses and he kept tapping his knee.

Gatsby suddenly turns towards Nick and asks Nick what he thinks of him. Nick sort of pushes away the question Gatsby tells Nick that he doesn’t want Nick to believe all the stories that Nick hears.

Gatsby tells Nick that he wants to tell him the truth about him. Gatsby goes into his past and explains that he came from a wealthy family in San Francisco and that he went to Oxford because his family all went to Oxford.

Gatsby says that all of his family died in a terrible accident. Gatsby says the memory of his family dying is still handsome but when they died he came into a lot of money.

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He continues on and he says that after he received the money that he lived like a king. Gatsby went around the world collecting jewels and painted.

He did all this to distract himself from the memory of his family dying. Gatsby tells Nick that when the war came it was a huge relief to him because he thought he would get killed.

Gatsby tells Nick that unfortunately, he was blessed with an enchanted life while Gatsby was in the war he took a hundred and thirty-two men and pushed the front line to where the Allied forces couldn’t save them.

While Gatsby’s men waited for reinforcements, they took out three German divisions. he says that every allied country gave him a medal and award of some kind. he comments that even the little country of Montenegro gave him a medal.

Nick says that as Gatsby was talking to him he felt like he was flipping through a dozen magazines. Gatsby reaches into his pocket and pulls out the metal from Montenegro and a picture of him on a cricket team from Oxford.

He says these are two things that he carries all the time. Gatsby says to Nick that he wants to tell him these things because he has a big request of Nick.

Gatsby says that Miss Baker will explain everything when they go out to tea that evening. Nick questions Gatsby if he’s in love with Miss Baker.

Gatsby says no and tells Nick that Miss Baker will tell him what to do that evening. Nick was a little annoyed at this and felt like Gatsby was going to ask him some huge requests that he could never accomplish.

They continued to drive without talking much, when they get to lunch Gatsby introduces Nick to a man named Mr. wolf Shem. he describes Mr. wolf Shem as being a small guy with a flat nose who’s a Jew.

Mr. wolf Shem and Gatsby reminisce about the past and talk about all the memories they had at the restaurant across the street at the old Metropole.

Mr. wolf Shem remembers one of his friends who got shot at the restaurant and Nick remembers reading about it and comments that the men were all caught and electrocuted.

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Mr. wolf Shem finally opens up to Nick and asks if Nick is the guy looking for the business connection. Gatsby suspiciously interrupts Mr. wolf, Shem, from saying anymore and says that Nick isn’t the guy.

As they’re eating lunch Gatsby kind of senses that Nick is worried about this request. Gatsby apologizes to Nick and says that he would never ask him to do anything sketchy.

Gatsby got out to make a phone call and it was just Nick and Mr. wolf Shem left at the table. as Nick and Mr. wolf Shem talking we learned that Mr. wolf Shem is known Gatsby for a few years and that his cufflinks are made out of human molars.

Mr. wolf Shem finishes his lunch and gets up to leave but before he leaves he says that Gatsby isn’t the type of person to look at a friend’s wife.

He starts to leave and Gatsby invites him to stay longer but he insists on leaving. Nick felt like he hurt Mr. wolf Shem’s feelings and so he apologizes to Gatsby if you hurt Mr. wolf Shems’ feelings.

Gatsby says that he’s just a sentimental guy. Nick asked what Mr. wolf Shem did and Gatsby says that he’s the guy who fixed the 1919 World Series.

Nick is super surprised about this and asked how he’s not in jail and how I didn’t get caught and Gatsby says that he’s just a smart guy.

After this Nick goes to meet with Jordan for tea and to find out what the request is, Jordan tells about a memory she had in 1917 she says that she was visiting Daisy and as she walked up to the porch she saw Daisy and a young officer gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly.

This young officer was Jay Gatsby. Jordan says that this memory was sort of burned into her mind because she had never seen two people so in love before.

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Jordan says that Daisy was so in love with Gatsby that she tried to sneak away from her home and drive to New York so she could say goodbye to him before he headed off to war but that her mother caught her and made her stay home.

After a while with Gatsby fighting in Europe Daisy received a letter in the mail that informed Daisy that Gatsby had probably died or that he was missing in action Daisy cried and cried all day.

The next day she left without a word and married Tom Buchanan. when she came back from her honeymoon she was a different person altogether.

Whenever Tom would leave the room she would get mad and wonder where he was going she’d always get uneasy because even on their honeymoon Tom was cheating on her.

When Daisy heard Gatsby’s name when Nick was over for dinner. she realized Gatsby must still be alive. Jordan finishes her story and tells Nick the request that Gatsby has for him.

She says that Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy over so that he and Daisy can reconnect. Gatsby was afraid that Nick would be offended at this request.

It turns out that Gatsby had bought the mansion because he wanted to be close to Daisy. he would hold all these parties hoping that one day Daisy would come to one of his extravagant parties and that they can meet.

She had never come to his parties and so he had started to ask people if they knew her, this is when he found out that Jordan knew Daisy and that’s when he hatched the whole plan.

Jordan tells Nick that when he invites over Daisy not to tell Daisy about Gatsby and that concludes chapter 4.

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