Role Of Human Values In 21st Century Essay


Role Of Human Values In 21st Century Essay

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Role Of Human Values In 21st Century Essay

The 21st century promises to be a time of scientific and technological growth at a level never before experienced in human history.

This growth will either trigger chaos, disruption, war, starvation, and disease or will introduce a period of humanistic cooperation, development, progress, and peace.

Humanistic values for the 21st century must be secular, democratic, and pluralistic. the values must be of the people, for the people, and by the people.

They must embrace common moral decencies such as altruism, integrity, freedom, justice, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility, and compassion, and must reflect the normative standards human beings discover and develop through living together.

A world in which human diversity is respected and tolerated and, at the same time, a world in which each individual will be enabled and encouraged to maximize his or her potential, without discrimination and in an atmosphere of freedom.

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What is required to bring about this idealized world is a democratic, pluralistic society that recognizes the human rights of each individual and in which no man or woman shall be demeaned and treated as mere slaves existing only to fulfill the desires of those who would be their masters;

A world in which no man or woman or class of men or women shall be used as tools for the lusts of others, or for the ambitions of others, or for the greed of others,

A world in which the life of every man and woman and child shall be recognized and esteemed as a unique and ultimate statement of the evolutionary process and therefore of inestimable value. To achieve and make real this concept of a world basic essentials.

To the best of our value system must extend beyond national, ethnic, religious, territorial, and racial boundaries. only a global ethic, a global humanistic value system that embraces the entire world will suffice for the 21st century.

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Humanistic global family values demand familial responsibility as we face the problem of population control.

We have learned from the past and the present what tragedies can develop when the population exceeds the ability of a nation to provide food, housing, healthcare, nurturing, and education for all of its members.

It has been estimated that more than 35,000 children die needlessly every day from starvation, malnutrition, and diseases that could easily be controlled.

These children are born into families unable to provide the food, clothing, shelter, health needs, comfort, and help required for a meaningful life, Because of where and when they are born, they are unwanted.

Should they mature into adolescence or adulthood, the promise of their future to be like those of their parents– characterized by poverty, lack of food, medicines, clothing, shelter, and the necessities for a dignified and purposeful life.

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We no longer need to breed like animals to assure our survival; our concern must be with the quality of life.

It is immoral to breed children whose existence will be characterized by want, suffering, and lack of hope.

As we look to future population growth, we know that we are at a point in human history when limits must be placed on the size and growth of our human family.

The necessity for these limits must be taught, accepted, and practiced internationally, nationally, locally, and personally.

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