Essay On Education to Build a Better Future For All


Essay On Education to Build a Better Future For All

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Essay On Education to Build a Better Future For All

Today’s educational system stifles imagination and spontaneity. At most, it has produced millions of illiterate, unthinking people.

Children should be encouraged to think creatively and to let their imaginations run free, even to the point of ridiculousness, through education. The order has always come from chaos, and reason from the madness!

In today’s, Education has turned into a mechanistic, life-depriving practice focused only on passing tests and earning diplomas.

There are a number of unsettling concerns that continue to be raised regarding education, including its purpose and how it should be delivered.

Are teachers educating—a term that is fundamentally edifying in its aim and rich—or are they only giving students advice on how to perform well in the evaluation process?

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The emphasis in education should be more on understanding and less on learning if we want it to provide a strong basis for a successful future.

According to Butler, “Learning is often a poor substitute for actual knowledge; a foil to common sense.” Shakespeare is a good place to start if you want to understand the power of human brilliance.

We can study his commentators to see how little human learning matters. Education and learning are two distinct concepts. Education is a need; learning is a luxury.

The development of one’s identity, which is fundamentally neither a product nor a process that ends with death, forms the cornerstone of Lawrence’s conception of education.

Santosh Desai claims that “most of us tend to live illiterate lives, despite our education; for education is something we travel through, rather than gather.”

We need an education that will allow kids the freedom to dissent and argues, the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, and the freedom to think and speak freely for a better future. Education won’t truly contribute to giving everyone a brighter future until then.

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When one thinks beyond the box or neglects the constraints of the textbook and curriculum, creativity has a better chance of blossoming. Modern pedagogy should promote these skills as well as emphasize their development in education.

The best teachers are life and nature. Instead of concentrating on the mass manufacture of similar automatons, education should make use of this strength to promote the development of a certain level of originality and an inquisitive and analytical mind in order to fulfill its mandate of giving the taught better futures.

Education—true education—provides a stepping stone to building one’s character as well as the storehouse of knowledge to bank upon—not always when things are going well, but more importantly when adversity strikes—just as wealth, security, friendship, and good health undoubtedly provide a better future for each of us.

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None of us can have a bright future if this is lacking. Despite having material prosperity and luxuries, we won’t be happy or at peace with ourselves. Values can only be instilled in us through education.

There is no question that education can assist each of us has a brighter future since it humbles a person, not makes them more proud. Because he realized at the age of 70 that he knew nothing, Socrates became renowned for his wisdom rather than because he was omniscient.

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