Essay On How can our region meet its key challenges


Essay On How can our region meet its key challenges?

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Essay On How can our region meet its key challenges?

First, to improve youth employability skills. Second, to develop an adequate supply of top-quality talents. Third, to strengthen our physical and social infrastructure, which is the basis for a vibrant, competitive economy.

Fourth, to boost economic diversity and resilience. Fifth, to improve our transport and energy infrastructure. Sixth, to intensify our education system so that it’s better prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Finally, the top priority must be to promote regional cooperation and integration. It is crucial to involve the people in decision-making.

Many People continue to leave rural areas for cities and we have areas and communities that are under-resourced, poverty-stricken, and without the social support networks of the “other side”.

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The challenge now is to ensure people are connected and have choices about what they want and need in their communities, to change and influence the direction they want their communities to go in.

Many challenges come with that growth, including an aging population, better housing, quality education, community health, and economic stability.

The region’s success depends on regional collaboration. We are able to pool our resources to develop coordinated responses to key challenges and align our priorities so that we all move forward together.

To achieve our core purpose, our most important asset is the people. Our ability to attract and retain a talented and dedicated workforce is dependent on our competitive wage.

This allows us to compete with the best in the country and to compete globally. As the impacts of climate change are felt, we need to address talent retention and attract and retain more innovators and creative thinkers who will help us remain resilient.

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The skills mismatch is real, and some of the skills necessary to find new opportunities in a more digitally-driven world may be hard to find.

If we don’t act now, it will be too late to capitalize on the opportunities created by advancing technologies and changing market dynamics. With all that said, it is not all doom and gloom. We have a lot of success stories from which we draw inspiration.

Together we are tackling some of the biggest challenges the economy and our region face. Our region’s innovation ecosystem is beginning to thrive and grow and more young people are stepping up to take on leadership roles in our community. The payoff in the workplace is exciting and new jobs are being created.

We are contributing to the global innovation ecosystem, attracting and encouraging entrepreneurs to invest their time, money, and energy in our region and we are leading the way in creating the homes and workplaces that attract and retain top talent in the region. We can and we will do better if we work together and we will do better.

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What’s at the top of the priority list for bettering our transportation and mobility infrastructure?

A key goal is to identify and reduce congestion. To that end, we are encouraging economic activity, encouraging the integration of parking and other transportation modes, encouraging and equipping transit and public transportation, and moving toward a more fuel-efficient transportation system.

We want to create a region where our residents can go from Point A to Point B without ever having to get in a car. We want to give our residents a seamless and accessible mode of transportation – whether on foot, on a bike, or in an electric vehicle.

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