Life Of Pi Chapter 55-61 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}


Life Of Pi Chapter 55-61 Summary | Life Of Pie Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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Life Of Pi Chapter 55-61 Summary

Life Of Pi Chapter 55 Summary

The morning sun shows Pi the heavy rain that is making him so miserable. Finally, it stops raining, and as the sun warms him, Pi curls up and sleeps. When he wakes, he thinks about his leaky raft which is a “joke.”

He sees Richard Parker and thinks about Plan Number Six – waiting on his raft for the tiger to die. Pi now thinks it is a bad plan. The tiger will get hungry, swim over to Pi and eat him. Also, tigers have been known to drink salt water. Plan Number Six will get Pi killed.

Life Of Pi Chapter 56 Summary

Pi says what he has learned. “Only fear can defeat life.” Because of fear, “every part of you… falls apart.” “Only your eyes… pay proper
attention to fear.” You must express fear to fight it, or it will become a “wordless darkness” that will attack again.

Life Of Pi Chapter 57 Summary

Pi sees Richard Parker looking catlike and non-threatening after eating the hyena and drinking rainwater. Pi says Richard Parker calmed him down and adds,

“It is the irony of this story that the one wh0 scared me witless… was the very same who brought me peace, purpose,.. [and wholeness.”

As Pi watches the tiger, it makes a prusten sound, a sound like purring. Pi explains that his father had told him about this friendly sound, but that Pi, himself, had never heard it.

Pi comes up with a new plan – to tame Ricard Parker. Pi tells the author that Pi had a secret it was because of Richard Parker that he had the will to live. Otherwise, Pi would have given in to despair and the grief of losing his family.

Pi realizes that the sea makes a “perfect circus ring.” The water could provide fish for “treats,” and a life jacket whistle would help with training.

Pi also has time and resolve. His reward would be life. It was not a case of either he OR the tiger living. They would BOTH live. Pi begins The Pi Patel Floating Circus by blowing his whistle:

When the tiger heard the whistle, he snarled, roared, and clawed. He backed off. The first training session had been successful, and now Pi had a new plan – Plan Number Seven: Keep Him Alive.

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Life Of Pi Chapter 58 Summary

Pi reads the survival manual which was written by a British Naval Commander. Here are a few tips Pi read:

  • Do not drink urine, seawater, or bird blood.
  • Paralyze fish by pressing their eyes, and don’t eat jellyfish or spiked fish.
  • “Ignorance is the worst doctor, while rest and sleep are the best nurses.
  • Put your feet up for five minutes every hour, and keep your mind busy.
  • Exposure kills faster than thirst or hunger.
  • Eat turtles.
  • From a height of five feet, the horizon is two and a half miles away; you won’t know if you are really seeing land until you touch it.
  • “If you have the will to live, you will. Good luck!”

Pi decides what he must do:

  • He must train Richard Parker to accept that Pi gets the front half of the lifeboat, the tiger gets the back, and the middle bench will separate them.
  • Pi has to improve the raft so he can stay dry until he can get back on the boat.
  • Pi needs to tie his raft to the boat with a second rope to keep it secure.
  • Pi has to stop hoping for rescue and begin saving himself.
  • Pi is overwhelmed and begins to cry.

Note: How much time should we spend and praying, asking others for help, and helping ourselves?

Life Of Pi Chapter 59 Summary

Pi sees that the raft acts like an anchor for the lifeboat. The raft keeps the lifeboat steadier and faces the boat into the waves. Pi says this fact saved his life and affected Richard Parker.

Pi says that in only five days, all life on the lifeboat had been lost except for himself and Richard Parker. The orangutan, the zebra, the hyena, the rats, the flies, and now even the last cockroach had died.

Perhaps, bacteria and worms remained in what remained of the animals, but that was not a comforting thought.

Pi pulls the raft up to the boat, climbs up, and opens the locker. He eats some rations. He drinks some rainwater that he scoops up from the bottom of the boat.

He then marks the tarp as his territory by using his own urine. Richard Parker had marked the bottom of the boat with his urine.

Note: Pi is behaving more like an animal than a human.

Pi learns how to use a solar still to make fresh water out of seawater. He puts all twelve stills on a rope and attaches one end of the rope to the lifeboat and one to the raft.

Pi improves his raft by using his footrest oar to make a mast, ropes to secure the mast, and a blanket to make a canopy. He takes food, water, and blankets and returns to his raft by late afternoon.

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Pi eats his dinner while watching the magnificent tiger and the underwater city of plants and fish. As he falls asleep, he has a tiny bit of hope.


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Life Of Pi Chapter 60 Summary

Pi wakes up in the middle of the night and is scared and amazed by the huge size of the universe. He remembers the story of Markandeya who fell out of Vishnu‘s mouth, saw the universe, was terrified, and then, thankfully, was returned to the safety of Vishnu.

At night, Pi accepts how small, how unimportant he is when compared to the universe, but when he faces each new day, he fights to survive and believes his existence is important.

Note: Pi begins by thinking of a Hindu story, and falls back to sleep after saying Muslim prayers.

Life Of Pi Chapter 61 Summary

Pi wakes up the next morning feeling almost dry and, surprisingly, almost strong. Although he has not had much to eat for several days, he sees a fine day, a good day for fishing.

Pi goes to the lifeboat for fishing supplies. He decides to use pieces of his remaining shoe for bait. As he fishes, he feels many tugs on the line, but he catches no fish.

He loses all of his shoes and some hooks, weights, and lines. Pi is not worried because he had biscuits and water for breakfast – he has time to improve his fishing skills.

Pi sees a turtle but doesn’t grab it. Then he gets mad at himself for being stupid. To save his own life, Pi has to feed Richard Parker. Otherwise, the tiger will swim over and eat him. Pi looks Over at the yawning tiger and sees its sharp teeth.

Pi goes to the lifeboat to search for something to use for bait. He sees Richard Parker and feels a sharp blow hit his face. Pi hears growling and thinks the tiger has hit him.

Pi thinks he will soon die, but then he sees that it was not the tiger that had hit him. It was a flying fish!

Pi picks up the fish which had fallen into the locker and throws it to Richard Parker, but the fish flies back into the water. Pi thinks all is lost when suddenly he and the tiger are hit by flying fish trying to escape chasing dorados and sharks.

Note: Pi says that when the fish hit him, Pi felt like St. Sebastian. St. Sebastian was killed by a Roman Emperor who did not like Christians. Will Pi keep his faith in God as he tries to survive?

The result of the encounter with the fish was that Richard Parker ate several living fish, six fish ended up in the locker, and many more ended up on the floor of the lifeboat. Pi takes one fish and a hatchet back to the raft.

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To hold onto the slippery fish, Pi had covered it in a blanket. Pi now lifts the hatchet to cut off the fish’s head, but he can’t do it. He can’t
become a murderer.

He had thrown a rat to a tiger, but to kill a living, moving thing… Pi knows he must kill the fish to survive. Pi puts down the hatchet, covers the fish’s head with a blanket, and twists the neck until he feels the fish die.

The fish no longer suffered, but Pi cries and cries. He was now a sixteen-year-old killer. Pi uses the hatchet to cut the fish into pieces which he puts into an orange plastic survival bucket.

Note: The adult Pi says, “I never forget to include this fish in my prayers.

Pi uses the flying fish’s head for bait and he catches a dorado that is three feet long! At times, Pi had been afraid the dorado would sink Pi’s

Pi thanks Lord Vishnu who had once saved the world by becoming a fish, and who now has saved Pi and let Pi win against the sea that had sunk the Tsimtsum.

Pi kills the dorado with the blunt end of the hatchet. He says he still couldn’t use the sharp end, but he did not have trouble killing
the fish by bludgeoning it to death.

As the fish died, it flashed the colors of the rainbow. Pi says, “A person can get used to anything, even to killing.”

Pi gives the fish to Richard Parker. As the tiger eats, Pi blows the whistle several times, reminding the tiger that Pi had been the provider. Pi
eats some rations and drinks some water.

As Pi goes to sleep that night, he realizes that keeping busy by fishing had helped him pass time, and it had kept him from feeling sorry for himself.

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