How will I Contribute to the Progress of my Country?


How will I Contribute to the Progress of my Country?

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How will I Contribute to the Progress of my Country

My Country India is like the sun on the horizon in the world, which has illuminated the light of its culture and civilization in the whole world.

I am lucky to be born in India which is an independent country and where we have all the facilities Even it has the freedom to do everything.

So, why we can’t use our freedom to contribute to our own country?

Behind the progress of any country is that progress is driven by men and women who are courageous, dream, and persevere in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

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We should respect and love our country and be loyal to it. we should use the resources of the country carefully.

I can really contribute to my country. The best I can do is make myself best by giving my best. I must do my job, work, and responsibilities perfectly.

We should help needy people. One should live in harmony and coordination with the family and people around.

With this, the flow of peace mutual love, and mutual trust will flow in the family and society.

Even plants and animals are part of our country. So, we should help and protect them before they get extinct.

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We should stop global warming to get fresh air and good surroundings. we can’t stop global warming but we can reduce it by using public transport and saving our money too.

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We can also follow R’s- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. An example of being devoid of Indian soldiers to protect the borders of the country.

They stand at the borders for 24 hours to protect us and our country from opponents. Even there are many more other things which can lead to the development and contribution of our nation too.

Therefore, by becoming educated people, we can contribute to making our country reach the height of progress by building an educated society.

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The government of India will also promote and encourage the integration of skill-based and industry-oriented programs under the Unemployment Savings Schemes of all Government Institutions, with augment of conditionalities in favor of employees whose professional qualifications include the field of rural and urban farming technologies, the Central Universities, and State Universities, as well as manufacturing sectors.

So in the end I promise to be united and do my work for my country. Then only we can proudly say “Jai Hind“.

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