Essay On Kindness for self for each other and the Environment

Essay On Kindness for self for each other and the Environment

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Essay On Kindness for self for each other and the Environment

It is rightly said, “You will never have a completely bad day if you show kindness at least once”. Being kind and compassionate towards others brings immense joy.

The joy of giving is much greater than that of receiving. Kindness gets us closer to God and renders inner peace.

The strength of kindness is infinite. An act of kindness actually means a selfless act performed by an individual in order to make someone happier without any compensation.

Anybody should be kind, without any reason to not be nice. It is rightly said, “If you have pity at least once, you will never have a bad day.”

Kindness For Self

It starts with self. If we are kind to ourselves only then we shall be kind to others because we realize what we feel and want to same.

Being kind towards self and respecting is like buying happiness for a lifetime.

Many types of research have proved that by loving ourselves, we are more satisfied, our eagerness towards every work also remains and positive thoughts come continuously.

Even when everything is going well. it is important to be kind to yourself.

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Kindness for each other

Being kind to others brings many benefits to our bodies and mind.

showing compassion towards others lifts their mood and brightens their day.

kindness is like a blessing to us. kindness is a behavior that spreads joy. the joy that knows no bounds, joy that is universal.

Kindness can reduce the problem of stress depression or any other anxiety that you may have because showing kindness will make people happy and seeing them happy will automatically make you happy.

Kindness for Environment

We should not only show kindness to humans, but also to the constituents of nature, environment, animals, birds even trees and plants understand the language of kindness easily. they should always be treated well.


Kindness is very good and everyone should achieve it. However, some people can benefit from your kindness and can mislead you in different ways.

So even if you are very kind, then you should have the quality of cleverness so that anyone can fool you.

Acts of kindness can help in creating a beautiful and sustainable world.

Mother Teresa has said:– we can not achieve big stuff on this planet, only little with big affection…..

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