Essay On Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to the Human Race


Essay On Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to the Human Race

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Essay On Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to the Human Race

India is a unique place in this world with a long cultural heritage. Sri Aurobindo is considered a 20th-century renaissance entity. Born in Kolkata, India, his father had made him take education at Cambridge University.

He was a highly intellectual personality who sharply observed human and social evolution. Sri Aurobindo had devoted his most important part of entire humanity to their internal part.

Concept of Humanity

Inhumanity, there is nothing that is obscure or less detained by its accepting, whether in the authority that turns it or the sense of the plan towards which it turns, than its own mutual and communal existence.

Sociology does not facilitate us, it only provides us a universal account of the history and the outside situation beneath which communities have survived. History gives us nothing.

It is a puzzling flood of actions and personalities that alter an organization. One cannot grab the genuine sense of all this transformation of human life in the channels of time.

What one should have to do to grab are present phenomena, simplistic generalizations, and limited ideas. People talk of the democratic system, nobility and dictatorship, socialism and individuality, imperialism and nationalism, the State and the commune, capitalism, and labor.

“System advanced and quickly generalization by us which is rightly explained today as a deserted perforce of tomorrow; we adopt reasons and fervent enthusiasms and with the passing of time its victory transformed into great disenchantment after this it abandons them for others, maybe for those about which we have tried so many difficulties to ruin.”

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Mankind struggles after freedom and earns it with a harsh cost of labor, tears, and blood for many years. The century enjoys, having no fought for it turns absent as of childish fantasy and is prepared to give up the depreciated gain as the cost of some new good quality.

And all this happens because of person’s entire notion and action with consideration to that person’s collective life is thin and experiential; it does not look for, it does not bottom itself on a rigid, thoughtful, and whole knowledge.

“The pride of human life is not about the moral, ardors, enthusiasms and ideal of it pursues, and the requirement of intelligence, bigger and much cooler to find after its real ruling and plan.”

Now a day, the Ideal of human unity is more or less unclearly creating its method to the front of awareness. The ideal of the emergence of humans in thought is forever the symbol of meaning in the natural world.

This is not constantly an objective to achieve; occasionally it indicates only an effort that is predetermined to provisional breakdown. It is slow and enduring in process for the natural world.

It takes up thoughts and partially carries them out. It tempts civilization, and thoughts instrumental, and tests how far it is prepared for the agreement it has imagined; and allows and incites man to effort and fall short, and because of this, he may study and succeed improved one more time.

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Continuously the perfect, having once made its method to the front of consideration, must surely be attempted, and this fact of ‘idyllic Of human unity’ is likely to shape mainly amongst the formative forces of the prospect;

“It was forced and suppressed for rational and material conditions of the era to prepare, and especially in the manner of the advanced technological world of today which makes this world very small that huge realms seem single country.”

But this service about the failure of the ideal of the situation of the object may bring, and matter conditions prefer a huge transform. But the heart and mind of the contest are not properly set particularly the heart crash may be predicted, unless men attend to wisdom in time and believe the internal transformation along with the outside adjustment.

Human intelligence has been largely mechanized by material Science in the present that it is possible to try the upheaval, and it is starting to imagine mainly or solely in the course of mechanical earnings, by political and social adjustments.

Now it is not through political and social plans, or not at any charge, that the unity of the human race can be permanently or successfully consummated.

“Which must be memorized that a superior social and political combo is not natural a bonus in itself; it gives a reason for frame through which a richer, better and happiest and puissant entity and communal life because of its appeal chasing.

But the different thing is that human and their experience has not favored the vision that massive personally combined aggressions and firmly prepared are favorable to a higher and puissant mankind.

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And then it the collective life is far more ease with itself, better, different and utilitarian when it can contemplate itself in the very smaller gap and simpler organism.”

The past of humanity is supposed to consider as the appealing periods of human existence, the picture in which it has been nearly all handsomely lived and has left behind it the most valuable history, and exactly that time and countries in which humankind was able to organize itself in small independent centers drama closely upon each other but not compound into a particular agreement.


Beneath the diversity and uniqueness of the different elements in Nature, there is an essential unity, that not only allows for this diversity but even supports it.

In this world, man is intended to connect for collective development and triumph for eternal peace and preservation of civilization, which always eludes him.

According to Sri Aurobindo, the course of spiritualism is the only path that can guide mankind in the direction of the aim. Man must be sacred to man regardless of all distinctions of race, creed, color, nationality, status, and political or social advancement.

Man is not the end product of evolution but an intermediate stage between the animal and the divine. He is endowed with a consciousness that enables him to cooperate with the forces of evolution. The ultimate goal is the divination of matter itself.

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