Essay On Role of Police in Nation Building {Step by Step Guide}

Essay On Role of Police in Nation Building In English

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Essay On Role of Police in Nation Building In English

The way the army protects us from enemies and terrorists by being deployed on the border, similarly the police also plays an important role in our society.

The police of any country helps in maintaining security, law, and order within that country and also take care of law and order.

It is the duty of the police to stop any kind of crime, illegal act, etc. in society.

Any person can lodge a complaint with the police station at any time against any kind of serious problem or crime.

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Through which he is immediately taken out of that situation by the police administration.

Police are the savior of society which helps in running the society in an orderly and smooth manner.

We cannot make the security system of our country without police, because only through the police, the atmosphere inside any country can be made humble and calm.

Police always inspire the people of the society to follow law and order well and follow other rules and regulations.

At the time of elections, the police guard the important election centers in the districts, inside the country, and in the states so that only the person chosen by the people can move forward.

If there were no police inside the country for the security system, then people would not have trust in each other, and acts like crime, illegal acts, kidnapping, violence, etc. would have been very high.

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Any person would attack another person and eventually there would be chaos in the society.

That is why the police are very important for the countrymen of our country because these people do duty only then we are able to sleep peacefully in our homes.

Many times the policemen also have to face bricks and stones during the riots, but despite that the police protect us.

No matter what the weather, day or night, the police station remains open 24 hours a day, which gives us immediate help.

However, there are some policemen among the policemen who misbehave towards the people by misusing their position, due to which questions arise on other policemen of the country as well.

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All policemen and police officers should work under the law and ensure that people’s faith in law and order remains and people can live their life without fear in society.

The contribution of the police, along with maintaining peace and order, also contributes a lot in moving our country on the path of development because if people remain fear-free then only people will progress and if people progress then society will progress, and if society progresses then ultimately our country will progress.

Therefore, it is clear that the contribution of police in nation-building plays an important role.

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