Essay On Mental Health During Covid-19 Pandemic {Step by Step}


Essay On Mental Health During Covid-19 Pandemic {Step by Step Guide}

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Essay On Mental Health During Covid-19 Pandemic


A little stress can be helpful. It can motivate us to keeps ourselves self-isolating or washing our hands. But constant or high levels of stress can negatively affect our mental and physical health.

Mental health is the state of a person’s mind or emotional wellbeing. Everyone experiences mental health at various times in their lives. Common mental health issues include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and schizophrenia.

At the time of this Pandemic, almost everyone is frustrated and everyone has their own challenges. someone has challenges to sit in the house, and Migrant Laborers has the challenge to reach home.

Due to covid-19 Pandemic when most of the countries were passing through Lockdown. So due to this, the level of anxiety, depression, anger, fear, mass divorce, frustrations, etc within the people is increasing.

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The fear of corona, the fear, and frustrations of job loss and business damaged as well as the frustration of isolation and uncertainty, etc increased the mental health problem during this covid-19 pandemic.

Now let’s understand mental health problems during the covid-19 pandemic in 5 simple steps:-

Psychological Impact Of the Lockdown

Due to the quarantine, many people are starting to commit suicide all over the world. According to experts, after quarantine in people, psychological issues such as stress levels, anxiety, etc, increase by about 20-30%.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, when people were quarantined due to SARS, about 29% of them have the symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and 31% of people were found to have depression symptoms.

About 47% of the people in India are already victims of loneliness. And due to this covid-19 Pandemic, the mental health of people is being affected very badly.

Hence, The psychological impact on the people will increase due to the covid-19 pandemic.


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Indirect Psychological Impact Of Lockdown

Apart from the direct impact of Lockdown, there are also indirect impacts of its. For example, during the covid-19 pandemic, the number of suicide cases has increased due to the closure of liquor shops in many places around the world. And it is not a joke but a fact.

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Lockdown And Relationships

Due to this Pandemic, many countries around the world, such as Malaysia, China, etc have the divorce rate at its peak.

According to the Divorce Lawyer named Steve Lee of China, the cases of divorce have increased by about 25% in China during this crisis.

Attacks On Doctors, Corona Warriors

In this pandemic, Corona warriors are being attacked in many places all over the world due to the rumors, which in itself is a matter of concern.

Therefore, it is a matter of concern that the correct information is not available among the people and this also has a bad effect on our mental health.

Fear-Mongering And Mis-Information

And Finally, the rapid spread of fake news on social media during Lockdown can increase fear and anxiety among people.

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And in the meantime, we are getting a lot of information as well as misinformation. And if this continues, then after Lockdown, the body of the people will become normal but the mind will be permanently damaged.

Conclusion (Essay On Mental Health During Covid-19 Pandemic)

To protect ourselves from this situation, we should spend about 30 minutes on daily exercise, watch good TV shows, learn new skills, cooperate in household chores, besides it’s we can also do yoga, we can eat healthy food and practice music too.

Also, by updating yourself, you can bring your new version to the front of the world after Pandemic.

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